Citroen Ami is on Online Sale with Advantageous Prices Special for Spring

Citroen Ami Bahara Special Online Sales at Advantageous Prices
Citroen Ami is on Online Sale with Advantageous Prices Special for Spring

With its all-electric structure with zero emission value, free access to all city centers as well as a quiet and serene drive are provided. Citroen Ami is waiting for its owners with advantageous opportunities in March. The 100% electric mobility solution Ami model, which Citroen sells entirely through online channels, is available for 100 thousand TL with a 24-month maturity and 1,48% interest rate, with prices starting from 245 thousand 830 TL. Ami can be purchased online via the website with advantageous monthly installments of 5 thousand 200 TL within the scope of the campaign.

“All electric freedom”

Citroen Ami, with its all-electric structure with zero emission value, provides free access to all city centers as well as a quiet and serene drive. Offering a structure suitable for the requirements of today's urban life, which requires constant movement, Ami designs a new transportation format not only for today's but also for the same. zamIt also responds to the urban problems of tomorrow. While everything is considered to increase driving pleasure and facilitate the daily lives of drivers, Ami provides free access even in the narrowest areas of the city center and minimizes operating costs thanks to its all-electric driving mode.

“75 kilometers of driving on a single charge”

The 45% electric Citroen Ami is a four-wheeled bicycle that can reach speeds of up to 75 km/h, offers a clutch-free, smooth and fluid ride, as well as high traction power from the first move thanks to the high torque value produced by the electric motor. Moreover, it allows a completely silent drive with its all-electric powertrain. Ami, which offers free transportation within the city, can reach an electric driving range of up to 5,5 kilometers with a single charge. This meets the commute needs of most employees. The 220 kWh lithium-ion battery is hidden in the vehicle floor and can be easily charged with the cable located in the passenger side door sill. Three hours is enough for a full charge in a XNUMX Volt standard socket.

“3% charge in 100 hours at standard socket”

To charge the Citroen Ami, it is sufficient to plug the integrated cable inside the passenger door into a standard socket (220 V), just like a smartphone or laptop. With the Citroen Ami, which can be charged 3% in just 100 hours, the need for a special charging station comes to an end.

Much more eye-catching with personalization solutions

Having a modern design and image, Ami offers its users a more authentic transportation experience with its special personalization solutions. Presented in seven different versions, Ami can be personalized with rich accessories. Ami offers its users the opportunity to personalize their vehicle with innovative DIY accessories. The functional and decorative kit in question includes: a central separator mesh, door pocket mesh, floor mat, storage compartment above the dashboard, handbag hook, smartphone clip. The colors used in the interior complement each other with the colors used on the wheels, corner panel stickers or capsules on the door. There are four main colors, My Ami Grey, My Ami Blue, My Ami Orange and MY Ami Khaki.

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