Opel Celebrates 20 Years of AGR Certified Seats

Opel Celebrates the Year of AGR Certified Seats
Opel Celebrates 20 Years of AGR Certified Seats

Opel has maintained its pioneering identity for 20 years by popularizing back-friendly seats in different segments. The brand, first used in the Signum model in 2003, offers the AGR certified ergonomic seats in its product range in its most up-to-date form. While Opel uses a wide range of AGR certified seats in its Astra, Crossland and Grandland models, it sets the peak in the sense of sportiness with AGR performance seats specially designed for GSe models. Opel's models with AGR certified ergonomic seats can be viewed on opel.com.tr.

This year Opel celebrates the 20th anniversary of the introduction of healthy seats approved by the AGR (Campaign for Healthy Backs – an independent German association that promotes research into preventing back pain). Today, the latest AGR seats are available on the new Grandland GSe, Astra GSe and Astra Sports Tourer GSe. AGR-certified seats were first introduced 20 years ago in the mid-range Opel Signum. One of the most important elements of comfortable and comfortable journeys, AGR seats offer optimum comfort and support for the spine, especially on long journeys.

The seat is one of the most important elements of a comfortable and relaxed journey, which creates the bond between people and cars. For this reason, Opel places great emphasis on ensuring that the seats offer optimum comfort and support for the spine, especially on long journeys.

Stefan Koob, Responsible for the Development of Seat Structures; “The driver and passengers are not in contact with any other component in the vehicle as intensely as the seat. As an automobile manufacturer, our aim is to make our customers' long journeys much more comfortable. AGR seats offer our customers a high level of comfort and prevent the risk of back pain in the long run.”

In-car ergonomics is not just a feel-good element, it is also zamIt also includes security. A comfortable, back-friendly seat prevents fatigue during the journey. During the journey, if the passengers are fixed in their places thanks to the seats and seat belts, the possibility of harming the passengers in a possible accident decreases. But he zamAt the same time, seat belts and airbags can fully fulfill their protective functions.

2003 Opel Signum: The first Opel with ergonomic AGR seats

Stefan Koob, the brand's perspective on seats; “As Opel, we always want to help the spread of seating comfort. zamwe gave importance. This means that everyone has the right to a good seat in the car.” In 2003, Opel Signum's ergonomic seats set a new standard in the automotive industry. Afterwards, healthy seats began to spread to the Opel model product range. In a car, the seats, which are the most important element for long distance drivers and company vehicle drivers, make life easier for every driver with their numerous adjustment functions and AGR certified ergonomics. Thus, even after hours of driving, you can get out of the vehicle rested and without discomfort.

A few years after 2003, in 2010, the small MPV Opel Meriva, with its flexible structure, hit the road for the first time with AGR certified seats. Meriva's comprehensive integrated ergonomics system; ergonomic seats, reverse FlexDoors doors, variable FlexSpace rear seating concept and FlexFix bike carrier.

Different AGR certified seat options for different body types

Today, Opel offers different AGR seat types with comfort or more sporty lines in the Astra, Crossland and Grandland models. In order for the driver and front passenger to enjoy a comfortable and back-friendly seating position, the AGR certified seats offer 10 different adjustment options for the driver and 6 different settings for the front passenger. Regardless of the seat form, in most driver's seat models; It has electrically adjustable forward-backward, height, incline, backrest slope, thigh support, lumbar support and seat cushion and heating functions for cold winter days.

The pinnacle of the range: performance seats from the Grandland GSe and Astra GSe

The new GSe performance seats represent the latest developments in Opel's healthy seat technology. The black Alcantara front seats in the Grandland GSe, Astra GSe and Astra Sports Tourer GSe models stand out especially with their strong support. The seats in the Astra GSe models have fully integrated headrests. Another remarkable detail is the gray strip that is fixed on the backrest with electrical welding. In addition, the stitched pattern on the base of the backrest and on the seat cushion is unique to GSe, and the yellow GSe logo on a flawless black adorns the backrest. Depending on the version, the comfort of the AGR driver's seat can be further enhanced by the cooling function. In addition, the memory function supports ease of use and functionality.

Opel's models with AGR certified ergonomic seats can be viewed on opel.com.tr.

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