Citroen Oli Appears in Public for the First Time

Citroen Oli Appears in Public for the First Time
Citroen Oli Appears in Public for the First Time

Citroen exhibited its ambitious designs from the past to the present at Rétromobile 1, which will be held between 5-2023 February 2023 at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. zamAt the same time, it introduces the concept car Oli to the masses for the first time. In addition to Oli, the Citroen booth showcases the concept combat vehicle from the movie "Asterix and Obelix: The Middle Kingdom", the B2 autochenille "Scarabée d'Or" and iconic vehicles from the brand's history.

“Inspirational, ambitious and ingenious concepts from C10 to Oli”

Citroen's latest concept car, Oli, introduced in September 2022, reveals the brand's roadmap for functional, electric transportation designed to improve everyone's daily lives. Contrary to current trends in the automotive industry, Oli embraces society's challenges by offering an electric, lightweight, functional, simple, versatile and affordable solution to family transportation. In such a time, Oli is putting forward a reliable and sustainable solution for our future transportation needs.

Citroen says "stop" to exaggeration and expense with Oli. Oli aims for advanced lifecycle management by significantly reducing weight and complexity. Recycled and recyclable materials reflect this approach. The result is an efficient transportation solution with improved longevity, reliability and ease of purchase, and enhanced cost control. Oli also stands out as a full-fledged idea laboratory on wheels. Packed with clever ideas, the Oli, for example, has “mesh” backrests that require 80 percent fewer parts than conventional seats. It also offers innovative solutions with its hood, roof and trunk floor panels made of extremely strong recycled honeycomb cardboard. Thanks to the effective solutions applied, Oli has an extremely light structure. Weighing only 1000 kg, Oli offers a target range of up to 40 km with its 400 kWh capacity battery with the advantage of its light structure.

“A unique design with a light and bold style”

Citroen Oli follows an intelligent design that blends functionality, efficiency and sustainability. For example, the windshield is designed to be flat and vertical, while reduced dimensions mean less mass and lower production costs. In addition, passengers are less exposed to the sun. This means less need for air conditioning. An unusually pure shape emerges. In order to emphasize that Oli is a part of the Citroen family, iconic models that represent important milestones in Citroen's history and that shape the lifestyle of individuals with their innovations as well as their design are also featured in Rétromobile 2023. The Oli stands out with a new, vibrant infrared signature color alongside a new interpretation of Citroen's signature logo. With this new white colour, Oli looks extremely attractive. To complement Oli and celebrate his participation in the Citroen family, the vehicles on the stand will be either white or red. There will also be some special sporty modifications. The C4 Torpedo, Traction Avant Cabriolet and Mehari are painted white, while the seats of the 2CV use Oli's "Infrared" fabric.

The “C4” C4 was introduced to the market in 1928 and brought Citroen into the modern era with its advanced suspensions and “Floating Engine”. It also provided a rare level of comfort at a time when the roads were still quite rough and rough. A 2023 C1929 Torpedo will be on display at Rétromobile 4.

“Traction Avant” Another historical production of Citroen is the Traction Avant, as it is the first mass-produced vehicle to be equipped with front-wheel drive, monocoque structure, hydraulic brakes and four-wheel independent suspension. Introduced in 1934, the car had the best dynamics of its era. It made its passengers very comfortable. For this reason, she was nicknamed "Reine de la Route" (Queen of the Road). A 2023 Traction Avant Cabriolet will be on display at Rétromobile 1937.

“Concept C10” Only Citroen would dare to come up with such an ambitious, compact architecture, very light, economical, technically advanced concept in 1956 using seaplane techniques in its design. When the C10 was introduced, it attracted a lot of attention and earned the nickname "Waterdrop" for its shape. 1956 Concept C10 “Water Drop” takes its place on the stand.

The “2 CV” Minimalist 2CV came in 1948 in response to market demand. His goal was to be everyone's car. It was easy to manufacture and repair. It was the cheapest car in its current form. In 75 years, it has become a legendary vehicle embodying the philosophy of Citroen vehicles with its extraordinary design and product positioning. 1990 model 2 CV 6 Club meets its fans in Rétromobile 2023.

The “AMI 6” Introduced in 1961, the Ami 6 was less than 4 meters long. It is designed for customers looking for a comfortable car with its spacious interior and large trunk. Citroen's answer was this vehicle with its revolutionary Z-shaped rear. The inverted rear window gave additional space for the trunk. The 1963 Citroen Ami 6 Sedan was prepared for the exhibition.

“Mehari” Smart, extraordinary and friendly entertainment vehicle Mehari celebrates its 55th birthday. The light, thermoformed, colored plastic body was resistant to scratches and pressure water jet washing. With its canvas roof and folding windshield, it continues to win the hearts of adventurers. A white 2023 Mehari was prepared for the Rétromobile 1972.

“CX” With its fluid, elegant and extremely aerodynamic design, large glass surfaces and concave rear window, the CX was the best car in its class in 1974 with its superior comfort level. Its ergonomic controls, as well as its futuristic dashboard, came together in a crescent shape. The CX proved its success by being named “Car of the Year” in 1975. The 1989 CX Prestige Phase II is on the Citroën booth.

“B2 autochenille is showing”

Between December 17, 1922 and January 7, 1923, Citroen's Autochenille B2 was the first car to cross the Sahara. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of this historic achievement, a replica of the “Scarabée d'or” is on display at the pre-World War I vehicle stand.

“Concept chariot made in Gaul and inspired by the legendary 2CV”

Featuring a solid oak body, a Lutetia canvas roof, wheels made from recycled shields, a boar belly suspension system, magical firefly headlights and an overall design inspired by the legendary 2CV, this bold concept car, led by Guillaume Canet, will launch in Turkey on February 24. It was designed and developed by Citroen for the movie "Asterix & Obelix: The Middle Kingdom", which will also be released. Citroen and Asterix bring together two legends of French culture as a result of the unique partnership between Citroen and producers Pathé, Trésor Films and Editions Albert René.

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