New DS 7 E-Tense at Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture Runways

New DS E Tense at Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture Runways
New DS 7 E-Tense at Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture Runways

DS Automobiles, a partner of Paris Fashion Week since 2019, is using its fleet of New DS 7, all available as an E-TENSE rechargeable version, to take guests of Haute Couture and the Fashion Federation from show to show.

DS Automobiles is attending the Men's Fashion and Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2023/2024 fashion shows with the Paris Fashion Week branded New DS 7 E-TENSE to accompany journalists, influencers and talents in the fashion capital. During these two important events of the year, the Haute Couture and Fashion Federation invites a large number of international phenomena with several million followers on their main platforms. The guests will run from show to show in Paris in zero emission mode, enjoying the unique comfort and technical expertise of the New DS 7 equipped with engines developed with E-TENSE rechargeable hybrid technology.

DS Automobiles, which has built its strategy on electric transformation since its launch, has been selling 2019% electric vehicles since 100. Every DS model can be purchased with an electric motor, thanks to the 225% electric New DS 360 E-TENSE, DS 100 E-TENSE, New DS 3 E-TENSE and DS 4 E-TENSE rechargeable hybrid versions that produce 7 to 9 horsepower. From 2024 onwards, every new model of the brand is planned to be 100% electric only.

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