Otokar Expanded its Armored Vehicle Family with ARMA II

Otokar Extends its Armored Vehicle Family with ARMA II
Otokar Expanded its Armored Vehicle Family with ARMA II

Otokar, one of the Koç Group companies, has expanded the ARMA family, which is actively involved in different geographical and climatic conditions around the world, with the ARMA II 8×8 armored vehicle. Designed according to current conditions, different user demands and evolving threats, ARMA II is a new generation armored combat vehicle that stands out with its superior terrain capability and modular structure, while offering the highest level of protection and the highest firepower in its class. Otokar, whose military vehicles serve the armed forces and security forces of more than 40 friendly and allied countries in five continents as well as Turkey, will offer the ARMA II to its users with two different engine options, one of which is domestic.

Reminding that they introduced the ARMA family for the first time in 2010, Otokar General Manager Serdar Görgüç said the following about ARMA II:

“We developed ARMA II as a new generation armored vehicle with higher capabilities, following in the footsteps of ARMA, the experienced member of the family, and reflecting the field experiences we gained at ARMA. ARMA is today considered one of the world's leading armored combat vehicles in its class. For more than 10 years, we have gained a unique knowledge with ARMA. Today, more than 500 of our ARMA vehicles are used in different missions in different countries of the world. In addition, ARMA has passed the rigorous tests of different users in many geographies of the world, from swamps to deserts, from intense winter conditions to equatorial climates.”

Görgüç said that they plan to continue the production of the existing ARMA, and continued:

“Our ARMA family has achieved a high level of user satisfaction. Our ARMA vehicle is the only vehicle in its weight class with amphibious capability. Our multi-wheeled armored vehicle family has expanded further with ARMA II, which we developed with our own resources, taking into account the evolving needs and demands of our users and new threats. We believe that ARMA II, just like ARMA, will soon be among the top priorities of modern armies. We aim to reinforce Otokar's success in armored combat vehicles with ARMA II.”

The ARMA II 8×8 Wheeled Armored Vehicle was developed by Otokar's research and development team, taking into account the asymmetrical threats frequently encountered in conflicts in different geographies, in addition to classical combat conditions. ARMA II offers the highest ballistic, mine and improvised explosive (IED) protection in its class in the world, together with its high terrain capability in an optimum way. 40 tons azamARMA II, with a loaded weight of i and a 720 HP engine, allows the integration of heavy weapon systems up to 120mm caliber, as well as greater carrying capacity, more protection features. In ARMA II, the steering system can control all axles, in this sense, all wheels are steerable.

Because it was designed as a modular platform, ARMA II is a platform suitable for many different tasks. In addition to being used as a standard wheeled armored combat vehicle and armored personnel carrier for the infantry class, different weapon systems, equipment and various systems can be integrated into ARMA II. ARMA II with different variants, surveillance and listening vehicles and reconnaissance vehicle; With its large interior volume and very fast displacement capability, it takes part in the inventory as a command and control vehicle. While ARMA II can serve in battlefield rescue missions with appropriate subsystems; With the additional volume provided by the enlarged body main structure, it is the most superior vehicle of its class that can perform various tasks such as maintenance-repair and ambulance.

Otokar, which has been a pioneer in Turkey since the day it was founded, increased its domestic participation rate in ARMA II. Serdar Görgüç on the subject; “As a company that has produced Turkey's leading vehicles for 60 years, we wanted to take an important step in reducing the foreign dependency of our country in land systems by increasing the rate of domesticity while developing ARMA II. In ARMA II, we used the transfer case and suspension system that we designed and produced with our own resources. We preferred national design and domestic production subsystems, including the cooling package. One of our most important innovations was that we offered a domestic engine alternative. ARMA II is the same in this respect zamAt the same time, it became Turkey's first domestically powered 8×8 armored vehicle.”

Görgüç said that they aim to offer different options to users regarding armored combat vehicles with ARMA II, and continued as follows:

“We offer ARMA II with two different engine options, one of which is domestic. We have done all the tests and qualifications for both engines and power groups. By completing the infrastructure investments with our own resources, we made ARMA II ready for mass production with two different engine options. We will take into account the preferences of our users; however, our priority will be to provide cost-effective, supply continuity and advantageous lifetime support services to our users with the domestic power package. In addition, the goal we want to contribute while using domestic engines; It is the domestic development and qualification of similar class engines already supplied from abroad, with domestic capabilities and opportunities, and in this way, the elimination of dependence on foreign countries.

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