What is Auto Electric Master, What Does He Do, How Do I Become? Auto Electrician Salaries 2023

Auto Electrician
What is Auto Electrician, What Does He Do, How to Become Auto Electrician Salaries 2023

Auto electrician repairs or replaces electrical parts of the car in case of problems. Electric transmitters in cars are separated from other mechanisms. Auto repair and auto electrician are different fields of expertise. The answer to the question of what is an auto electrician is given as the personnel who detect and repair the problems in the electric current of the cars. The battery, the contact mechanism, the tape and the plumbing infrastructure inside the hood can be inspected by the masters. Since the cars do not work without electricity, the health of the installation must be maintained for safe and correct use. Auto electrician job description includes checking the cycle of electricity in vehicle mechanisms and fixing related faults. There are many parts in the master's area of ​​responsibility. To understand the function of the position, it is necessary to know the auto electrical installation. The electricity is activated as soon as the contact is turned. With the ignition, the battery is activated and the current reaches the starter motor. Electricity reaches the pistons that market and process the fuel in the engine cylinders. The spark plug that ignites the fuel needs electricity to generate a spark. The electrical wiring of the starter creates the first movement in the engine. The alternator powered by the engine generates electricity using mechanical energy and charges the battery. The charged battery continues to supply electricity. The auto electrician masters the parts of the car that make it work electrically.

What Does an Auto Electric Master Do, What Are His Duties and Responsibilities?

Auto electrician duties; It can be summarized with leak detection, leak removal, battery replacement and isolation processes. A control pen or bulb assembly can be used when searching for leakage current. The bulb attached to the end of the conductive wire lights up in case of electrical leakage. Leaks detected with the control pen are observed with the light transmitter in the transparent body. If the electricity becomes unprotected by abrasion of the cable surfaces, it can cause deformation of the interior. There is a risk of explosion and fire from problems in the battery or engine installation. Auto electrician intervenes to protect life and property safety. The main duties of the masters are as follows:

  • It replaces the lamp in the vehicle,
  • Repairs the air conditioner keys and lamp keys that determine the battery usage level,
  • Measures battery charge,
  • It eliminates the contact in the contact mechanism,
  • Repairs the starter motor,
  • Eliminates spark plug failures that affect fuel consumption,
  • Renews cracked, hardened, bent cables,
  • Checks and changes sockets,
  • It insulates small-scale leaks with no signs of malfunction,
  • It controls the headlights that do not light when there is no problem with the battery and the bulb.

What Education Is Required To Become An Auto Electrician?

Alternative answers can be given to the question of how to become an auto electrician. This profession can be learned through a master-apprentice relationship, or it can be trained to become competent in this field. People who have graduated from vocational high schools or vocational schools can become auto electricians. Serving in the position of master is possible by taking exams that will document the level of knowledge. Those who are trained through apprenticeship training and become actual masters are deemed to have received practical training. A diploma is required for the application to be made for the mastership certificate. Under current regulations, the lower limit may be a secondary or high school diploma. Trained masters can take written and practical exams as a formality and get a certificate. Those who do not have mastery knowledge and skills can benefit from vocational courses. Mastery, zamIt is a position that can be reached by gaining experience. Time is needed to see various malfunctions, implement solution suggestions, and identify mechanisms. To become a qualified auto electrician, one must complete the electrical or automotive department of industrial vocational high schools. Most of the masters in industrial enterprises have diplomas of high school or below. The factor that can highlight new candidates is higher education diplomas. Candidates who have completed the Electrical Department of vocational schools have priority.

What are the Requirements to Become an Auto Electrician?

To become an auto electrician, it is necessary to have certain qualifications. Knowledge and skills come to the fore in industrial activities. It is important that heavy, medium, light problems have been seen according to the maintenance needs. It is possible with experience to master the situations that affect the electric current. There are dozens of factors that can affect the layout and harmony of electronic parts. Distinguishing the problems, investigating the causes, applying the repair methods separated by fine details require attention. The repair of the electrical system is important in terms of the performance of the vehicle and the prevention of possible accidents. In this context, the features that the master should have are generally as follows:

  • to have dexterity,
  • To know the equipment and to use it for its purpose,
  • To take measures to ensure occupational safety,
  • To find faults that are likely to affect the electrical components,
  • Paying attention to the quickness of the parts change.

What are the Auto Electrician Recruitment Conditions?

The answer to the question of how much an auto electrician gets paid is related to the employment conditions of the enterprises. Knowledgeable and experienced candidates who can meet the requirements of mastery can find high-paying jobs. The salaries for those who are skilled with the qualifications and need experience are moderate. The presence of many businesses in the auto industry leads to variation in salary and employment details. The general conditions that stand out among the auto electrician job postings are as follows:

  • Getting used to the workshop environment,
  • Ability to adapt to flexible working hours,
  • To know the mechanisms of different models,
  • To follow the spare parts market,
  • Having served for several years in the position of master,
  • Not affiliated with the military.

Auto Electrician Salaries 2023

As they progress in their careers, the positions they work for and the average salaries of those working in the Auto Electric Master position are the lowest 12.420 TL, the average 15.520 TL, the highest 25.270 TL.

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