MG Becomes the Best-Selling Car Brand of 2022 in Turkey

MG Becomes the Best-Selling Car Brand of the Year in Turkey
MG Becomes the Best-Selling Car Brand of 2022 in Turkey

MG, which Doğan Trend Automotive started to represent, became the most preferred British automobile brand in Turkey in 2022. The well-established British automobile brand MG, which Doğan Trend Automotive, a subsidiary of Doğan Holding, started to represent in Turkey in 2021, continued to draw attention with its achievements in 2022 as well.

MG broke sales records in the last quarter of 2022. With this success in its sales, it completed 2022 as the "leader" among British automobile brands.

Kenan Poleo, Consul General of the United Kingdom in Istanbul, Undersecretary of Trade for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, said of the success of MG, which won the title of the best-selling British car brand in 2022, “It is very pleasing to watch the successful journey of a well-established British brand in the automotive industry, which we know is very competitive. Short zamWe congratulate the entire MG team, who achieved a lot of success at the same time.”

Doğan Trend Automotive Deputy General Manager Tibet Soysal said, “We are happy to reach our goals in a short time. We care about moving the brand and the service we offer to our customers forward by adding new ones to the goals we have achieved. We anticipate that the interest in electric cars will exceed vehicle availability in 2023.” said.

Saying that they prepared very well for 2023, Soysal said:

“We will make a quick start to the year with our new electric models that we will add to our product family in the first quarter of 2023. The most important feature of our long-awaited electrical product family is that it can appeal to every taste and need. By 2023, we aim for one out of every two MGs to be sold electrified. We take advantage of being on the road early in this regard, and we will reflect our experience in electric cars by making a difference in customer experience. Our most important goal for the new year is to be among the top 5 electric car brands.”

Tripling its sales in Europe in 2022 compared to the previous year, the MG brand has a significant share in the electric car market. In Turkey, the MG brand, which has been represented by Doğan Trend Automotive since 2021, introduced the plug-in hybrid model E-HS to its users after putting the 100 percent electric ZS EV model on sale.

Making it its mission to listen to all needs and find solutions in a short time, the brand offered its customers the gasoline alternative of both the electric ZS EV and E-HS models in line with the feedback from its users. The MG brand, which will double its product range with its new electric models in the first quarter of 2023, is preparing to achieve great success in Turkey after many awards won in Europe.

One of the highlights for the MG brand in 2022 was the increase in the number of Service and Experience Points. The brand, which will continue this growth in 2023 in order to respond to the rapidly increasing demand, aims to reach 16 experience points in 23 provinces.

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