Chery Models are on their way to Turkey: First Shipment Made

Chery Models First Shipment Made To Turkey
Chery Models First Shipment Made to Turkey

Chery made the first Turkish shipment, including TIGGO 8 PRO, TIGGO 7 PRO and its first global model, OMODA 5, from Wuhu Port in China. The first batches of TIGGO 80 PRO, TIGGO 8 PRO and OMODA 7, the first global model of Chery, which was welcomed in more than 5 countries of the world, were shipped to Turkey from Wuhu Port in China with a ceremony. .

Mr. Fenghuo Si, President of Chery Turkey; In his assessment at the delivery ceremony, “Turkey is a country with an excellent geographical location and a developed automotive industry, spread across Europe and Asia. Chery Automobile Industry and Trade Inc. We invested in establishing an independent team and operating organization for the region.” used the phrases.

All for Turkey's Chery zamStating that it is one of the most important strategic markets at the moment, Mr. Fenghuo Si, President of Chery Turkey, said, “Based on our previous market research and customer expectations analysis, our three models leaving our port today represent Chery's most up-to-date technology and are unprecedented for our customers in Turkey. It will provide quality driving experiences.”

R&D teams of more than 7 thousand people develop cars

Here zamActing with a “customer-centered” approach, committed to technology, fashion, environmental friendliness and public comfort, Chery has established a special bond between the brand and its customers in line with this approach. In addition, Chery is a brand that is inherently committed to technological innovation, and technology is everywhere. zammoment became the main driving force of Chery's development.

Thanks to its five large R&D centers in different geographies of the world and a research and development team of more than 7 people, Chery not only makes breakthroughs in traditional fields such as engines and transmissions. Chery is the same zamnow to master the key technical advantages of new energy, smart networking and automated driving systems; It provides business and technical order in four key areas, including perception, communication, chip and control.

In terms of the new energy sector, Chery Automobile leads the sector with four vehicle power transmission platforms, five general infrastructure systems and seven core technologies.

Adhering to the core concept of “innovation, responsibility and mutual benefit”, Chery is a company that spans seven key industries: automobile, auto parts, finance, modern service, smart network, shipbuilding and real estate, with over 300 member businesses and annual revenue of CNY 150 billion. became a group company. It also aims to be a world-class organization with global influence and competitive power.

Mission of “Being a world-class brand”

In addition, technological innovations make it easier for Chery to enter the world stage with prominent products. As the first Chinese automobile brand to embark on a journey of globalization, Chery strives to continuously accelerate the globalization process. zammoment valued its mission of “Being a world-class brand”.

Chery has established 10 factories and more than 500 sales and service points in export markets to date. It has also been the No. 20 exporter of Chinese passenger cars for 1 consecutive years, and zamAt the same time, it reached an extraordinary sales volume with 2022 thousand units in 450. Chery's global sales volume to date has exceeded 2,35 million units, including exports of 11,1 million units.

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