Anadolu Isuzu receives the 'Reputable Brand of the Year' Award at The One Awards

Anadolu Isuzu Reputable Brand of the Year Award at The One Awards
Anadolu Isuzu receives the 'Reputable Brand of the Year' Award at The One Awards

Anadolu Isuzu was selected as the “Reputable Brand of the Year” in the Commercial Automotive Category at The One Awards Integrated Marketing Awards.

Anadolu Isuzu continues to add new awards to its domestic and international awards. Anadolu Isuzu added the award it received within the scope of The One Awards, organized by Marketing Turkey magazine, to the awards it received in the fields of export, design, R&D and innovation.

Anadolu Isuzu received the "Reputable Brand of the Year" award in the commercial automotive category at the award organization, which included many companies from different sectors.

The One Awards integrated marketing awards are organized based on the “Reputation and Brand Value Performance Measurement” research. The “Reputables of the Year” were selected by the public jury for the ninth time this year at The One Awards. Scores at The One Awards are determined according to the results of the Reputation and Brand Value Performance Measurement carried out in nearly 70 categories.

Anadolu Isuzu, which exports commercial vehicles developed and manufactured in Turkey to 45 countries in the world, won many prestigious awards in Turkey and around the world.

Anadolu Isuzu carries out the delivery of the vehicles it produces with the "tailor-made manufacturing" model in its modern facilities with the characteristics of a "smart factory" in Çayırova, customizing it according to the wishes and needs of its customers.

The company manufactures 100 different models and a total of 12 different versions in the bus and midibus segment, including fully electric and 47% Biogas compatible CNG powered environmental vehicles.

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