Minister Varank Arrived at the Parliament with Domestic Car TOGG

Domestic Cars TOGG
Domestic Cars TOGG

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank came to the budget presentation at the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly with Turkey's domestic car Togg. Minister Varank was accompanied by AK Party Group President İsmet Yılmaz and MHP Group Deputy Chairman Erkan Akçay.


Varank, who parked his red car in front of the Assembly Hall of Fame, made a statement to reporters here. Varank said, “Turkey's 60-year excitement, 60-year dream has come true. I can see that excitement in our members of the press as well.” used the phrases.


Varank said, “We came to our Parliament today with Togg, Turkey's pride project. 60 years ago, the story of the Revolution car ended in front of the Parliament. Someone could not digest such a national project. Today, we brought Turkey's car, Togg, to the Parliament. We wanted our citizens to see this pride. In fact, they mocked me at the Planning and Budget Committee, saying, 'If there's Togg, why didn't you come with him?' So I listened to the opposition, following their advice, we brought Togg here. I hope he will be here all day long and our deputies will be able to come and see him.” he said.


Emphasizing that the “Turkey's Car Project” is the best indicator of what Turkish people and engineers can achieve when they believe, Varank expressed that he sees it as a vision project.


Stating that the political will to reveal such a vision is very important, Varank said, “Babayiğits, our engineers and technicians have a great effort in this project, but putting forward such a vision project requires a great deal of bravery. Mr. President stood behind this project as a valiant head and supported it until the end. Praise be to Togg, he came before our House today.” he said.

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Noting that Togg started to come off the mass production line on October 29, Varank said that the vehicle he brought here was the test vehicle that came out of the mass production line. Informing that the vehicles will become salable after the type approval is received, Varank stated that the company will announce what kind of sales strategy it will implement, and that sales will begin in March.


When asked whether the ministries will use this tool, Varank said, “I think the ministries will line up to use it. It's a beautiful vehicle. It also gives you a sense of security, the same zamIt is a large vehicle at the same time.” gave the answer.

Minister Varank stated that those who see them on the way smile and salute with horns.


AK Party Group Chairman İsmet Yılmaz stated that he went to the opening of Togg but got into the vehicle for the first time and said, “We were proud.” said.

Reminding that Devrim cars also came to the Parliament, Yılmaz said, “The only difference between this period and that period is respect for the national will and fulfilling the requirements of the national will. Whatever the people want, this government does it. Wouldn't the people want it at that time? If revolution cars were in our lives today, wouldn't everyone be proud if one of every two people drove a revolution car? But the will of those who rule with the will of the nation zammoment does not coincide. That was the time when it didn't coincide. This period is a point where the will of the nation and the will of those who govern the state intersect and merge. We are proud. Good luck for our country," he said.


MHP Group Deputy Chairman Erkan Akçay also expressed that he was very happy and experienced a historical moment. "I want to cry." Akçay said that the bitterness of 61 years ago turned into a great longing and longing. Noting that Turkey made up for its lost years, Akçay said, "Good luck." said.

Emphasizing that the sparkle in the eyes of the citizens they see on their way on the road means a completely different meaning, Akçay stated that he believes the Turkish nation will achieve much greater things.

Erkan Akçay, on the question of the journalists, stated that MHP Chairman Devlet Bahçeli is also eagerly waiting to get a Togg.

Later, AK Party Group Deputy Chairman Mustafa Elitaş, who came to examine the car, pointed out that Turkey will produce a car with its own brand for the first time and said, "Those who interrupt the Revolution car, their grandchildren will not be able to block Togg." he said.

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