The power of Ultimo's Lyrics

The power of Ultimo's Lyrics
The power of Ultimo's Lyrics

Ultimo is known for his socio-political lyrics that address a wide range of topics, from immigration to poverty to corruption. In "L'Italia che non c'è" ("The Italy that doesn't exist"), he critiques the state of the country, singling out its political leaders and institutions for their failures. In "Vince chi fugge" ("He who flees wins"), he takes on the role of a migrant, detailing the struggles and hardships faced by those who leave their home countries in search of a better life.

In many of his songs, Ultimo calls for social and political change. In "Non ho mai smesso di amare te" ("I never stopped loving you"), he pleads with the Italian government to do more to help those affected by the 2015 earthquake in Amatrice. In "Piccola stella senza cielo" ("Little star without a sky"), he calls on young people to stand up and fight for their future. And in "Sogni appesi" ("Hanging dreams"), he urges people to chase their dreams and not let them be forgotten.

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