New Mercedes-Benz GLC Launched in Turkey

New Mercedes Benz GLC Available in Turkey
New Mercedes-Benz GLC Launched in Turkey

Introduced at the world launch in June, the new Mercedes-Benz GLC hits the road in Turkey. The new GLC, which has been completely renewed and has a more dynamic character, is offered for sale in Turkey with the GLC 220 d 4MATIC engine option. The starting price of the new GLC was determined as 3.407.500 TL.

Introduced with the digital world launch in June, the most dynamic member of the Mercedes-Benz SUV family, the new GLC, is ready to hit the roads of Turkey. Revealing the character of a modern, sporty and luxurious SUV in every detail, the unique body proportions, remarkable surfaces and quality interior of the new GLC, which has been shaped with great care, immediately catches the eye. The new GLC is ideal for every road, both on urban asphalt roads and off-road. zamIt offers superior performance and driving comfort. The rear axle steering system, offered for the first time, further enhances maneuverability and driving safety.

Şükrü Bekdikhan, Chief Executive Officer of Mercedes-Benz Automotive; “At Mercedes-Benz, we continue our design philosophy of sensory simplicity. The new GLC, like all our SUV portfolio models, stirs the emotions. With its dynamic driving pleasure, modern design and features such as MBUX with off-road details and Augmented Reality Navigation, I am sure that the new GLC will arouse both adventure lovers and families alike. In addition, the new GLC has features unique to all Mercedes-Benz SUVs, such as superior handling and driving dynamics on asphalt and superior performance in the field.”

The high standards of the new GLC are evident in every detail. The new generation MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) infotainment system makes it more digital and smart. Live images on the instrument cluster and media display make it easy to control vehicle and comfort functions. The new generation MBUX, configured with two separate screens, offers a holistic, aesthetic experience with a clear presentation of information. Full-screen navigation provides the driver with the best possible route guidance. There is also MBUX Augmented Reality option for navigation. A camera records the front of the vehicle. While the central screen displays moving images, it also superimposes virtual objects, information and signs such as traffic signs, direction signs, lane change recommendations and house numbers.

The learning ability of the “Hey Mercedes” smart voice command system is based on advanced technological algorithms. The system not only constantly warns itself according to the user's wishes and preferences, but also makes suggestions.

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Sensory simplicity and emotional design

The new GLC immediately stands out as a member of the Mercedes-Benz SUV family. In the carefully shaped exterior design, the side body panels offer a dynamic and stylish appearance. Wide fenders that integrate with the side body panels create a balance between elegance and off-road performance.

Not only does it offer a modern look with the AMG Design Concept, the new GLC supports its sporty and confident look with 20-inch wheel options that also offer improved aerodynamic efficiency.

The redesigned two-piece rear lighting group emphasizes the width of the rear with a three-dimensional interior design. Chrome-look exhaust outlets and chrome bumper lower protection coating also support the sporty and stylish look.

Interior: Luxury, modern, comfortable

The front console has a simple design. The upper part reveals an iconic image with turbine-like vents reminiscent of aircraft engines. It integrates with the curved center console with a harmonious line at the bottom. The driver's 12,3-inch high-resolution instrument cluster appears to float, while the 11,9-inch central media display appears to float above the center console. Just like the dashboard, this screen also faces slightly towards the driver.

The seat and headrest design of the new GLC brings airiness to the cabin with layers and contoured surfaces. The new GLC is offered with a leather-lined instrument panel with nappa waistline. Innovative surfaces such as the new interpretation of open-pore coatings with aluminum ornaments in brown tones and open-pore black wood veneer are used in different options.

Dimensional concept and practical details: Easy to use everyday

With its new GLC dimensions, it offers an even more dynamic and powerful SUV look. With a length of 4.716 mm, it is 60 mm longer and 4 mm lower than the previous model. The track width has been increased by 6 mm (1.627 mm) at the front and 23 mm (1.640 mm) at the rear. The width of the vehicle remained at 1.890 mm.

Luggage volume reaches 70 litres, an increase of 620 litres, taking advantage of the larger rear overhang. This makes a difference in daily driving as well as family trips or transporting goods. The EASY-PACK electric tailgate is offered as standard. trunk lid; It can be unlocked using the ignition key, the button on the driver's door or the unlock lever on the trunk lid.

Dimensions (compared with predecessor)

GLC Eski New Difference
External dimensions (mm)
Length 4.716 4.656 +60
Width 1.890 1.890   0
Width, including mirrors 2.075 2.096 -21
Height 1.640 1.644 -4
Wheelbase 2.888 2.873 +15
Luggage volume, VDA (lt) 620 550 +70

Improved aerodynamics: drag coefficient of 0.29 Cd

In its aerodynamically optimal configuration, the GLC achieves an improved drag coefficient of 0,29 Cd. The improvement of 0,31 compared to its predecessor (0,02 Cd) is a significant improvement for an SUV. Optimization of the vehicle's aerodynamic drag and wind noise was accomplished through extensive digital flow simulations (CFD) and testing with real vehicles in an aeroacoustic wind tunnel.

Comfort equipment: extensive improvements

ENERGIZING combines different comfort systems for a more effective driving experience. The ENERGIZING Plus package combines comfort functions at the touch of a button or voice command through up to seven comfort programs. The system creates a suitable atmosphere in the interior, for example, invigorating during fatigue or relaxing in case of high stress levels.

The AIR-BALANCE package is also part of the ENERGIZING Plus package. Depending on personal preference and mood, it offers a special scent experience indoors. Air quality in the cabin is improved thanks to refreshing ionization and filtering of external and internal air. Optional ENERGIZING AIR CONTROL monitors the air quality in the cabin. When the limit values ​​are exceeded, it switches the air conditioner to air circulation mode.

The new GLC is available with a new panoramic glass sunroof. The thinly designed support beam provides a much wider view, while the roller blind supports in-cab comfort on hot days.

Engine: Electric-assisted four-cylinder engine

The new GLC is only offered with a diesel engine option. Coming from the current 4-cylinder FAME (Family of Modular Engines) engine family, the engine has an integrated second generation starter generator (ISG) and a semi-hybrid system that supports the engine at lower speeds.

Supporting the engine, the 48-Volt ISG provides significant fuel savings with its filtration, additional support or recovery functions. Apart from that, thanks to the ISG, the engine runs very quickly and comfortably. Thus, the start-stop function performs its function almost undetected by the driver.

Technicial Specifications:

Volume cc 1.993
power, rpm HP / kW 197 / 145, 3.600
Additional power (boost effect) HP / kW 23/17
Maximum torque, rpm Nm 440, 1.800-2.800
Additional torque (boost effect) Nm 200
Combined fuel consumption (WLTP) l/100 km 5,9-5,2
Mixed CO2 emission (WLTP)1 g / km 155-136
Acceleration 0-100 km/h Sn 8,0
Maximum speed km / s 219

Suspension: Agile and safe

GLC's dynamic suspension system; It consists of a new four-link suspension at the front and an independent multi-link rear suspension mounted on the subframe. It offers standard suspension, enhanced ride and noise comfort, superior handling and driving pleasure. With the Off-road Engineering Package, AIRMATIC air suspension and rear axle steering come into play. In addition, the Off-road Engineering Package, which increases the height of the vehicle by 20 mm and includes front underbody and underbody protection, is also offered. Sport suspension is offered with the AMG exterior design concept.

The new GLC offers extremely agile driving characteristics with optional rear axle steering that can angle up to 4,5 degrees and front axle with more direct steering ratio. With rear axle steering, the turning radius is reduced by 80 cm to 11,0 meters.

At speeds less than 60 km/h, the rear wheels turn in the opposite direction to the front wheels, when parking, the front axle turns in the opposite direction to the wheel angle up to 4,5 degrees. This feature virtually shortens the wheelbase depending on driving conditions and brings with it more agile driving characteristics. At speeds of 60 km/h and above, the rear wheels turn in the same direction as the front wheels up to 4,5 degrees. This virtually increases the wheelbase, resulting in more agile and stable driving characteristics at high speed.

Up-to-date driving support systems: Supporting the driver

The latest Driving Assistance Package includes new and additional functionality. Support systems can respond to oncoming collisions in a time of danger. A few advanced features can make driving even safer. Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC can now react to vehicles standing on the road at speeds up to 100 km/h (previously 60 km/h). Active Steering Assist, lane detection function with 360-degree camera offers the advantage of, for example, creating an emergency lane

Advanced parking systems: Low speed support

Parking aids increase safety and comfort by better supporting the driver when manoeuvring, thanks to stronger sensors. MBUX integration makes the system more intuitive and visually supports on-screen rear axle steering is integrated into the parking assistants and system calculation is coordinated accordingly. Emergency brake functions help protect other road users.

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