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The concept of sustainability first came to the fore with a report called Our Common Future, which was included in the United Nations, and then it started to be used in many areas. Although this concept is thought to be related to the environment, it is possible to observe that it affects every aspect of life. Sustainability, in its clearest form, preserving the present and future of living life and living with the principle of contributing to its continuity. It is extremely important to make sustainability a standard of living in order to live on a cleaner and healthier planet and to leave an adequate world for future generations in all respects.  

What is a Sustainable Product?

It is possible to take some steps, both individually and collectively, in order to leave a clean, safe and livable world to future generations. Sustainable products come to the rescue to the point of ensuring the continuity of the planet. Such products; In addition to being in compliance with quality and economic standards, taking into account environmental factors is manufactured. 

Products improved in the light of innovative principles during the development and production stages are extremely effective in protecting the present and the future. sustainable products; production that respects life, living things and nature It is entitled to have ecological certificates that certify that it has passed through the processes. These documents state that materials and methods that can harm nature are not used at any stage of industrial or agricultural products, from the design process to the production. 

What are Sustainable Products?

Innovative production procedures, reorganized in line with sustainability principles, can be applied to almost all industries. In order to protect the ecosystem and contribute to its continuity Sustainability is an integral part of production. making it a necessity. When it comes to sustainable products, the first sector that comes to mind is food. 

Almost all food production activities, especially agriculture and animal husbandry, play an important role in the unconscious consumption of natural resources. Moreover, these activities are associated with greenhouse gas emissions.i to ecosystem problems that trigger climate change It is possible to say that it did. Reducing these effects becomes possible with the widespread use of sustainable products and the awareness in question. Today, the use of sustainable products and systems in many areas from cosmetics to food, from energy to construction is increasing. 

How Sustainability Progress in the Textile Industry?

When it comes to sectors that create high levels of pollution in the world, industry and energy are undoubtedly at the top of the list. after oil the biggest pollutant of the ecosystem. it has been revealed to be the textile sector; because the activities carried out in this area also have a large share in the depletion of water resources. 

In addition to the pollution it creates, the textile industry produces tons of waste every year. Expanding both the production and use of sustainable textile products is extremely important in terms of human and environmental health. If production is made with the awareness of sustainability in the textile sector, it is possible to reduce the wastes that occur during the manufacturing phase. In addition, the waste can be reprocessed in sustainable ways, new raw materials can be obtained without consuming extra resources. 

How Green Petition Products Contribute to Sustainability 

Green Petition, on production 100 percent sustainability It is one of the brands that adopts the principle of Supporting conscious production with the principle of recycling, the brand produces all textile products from materials obtained by reprocessing waste materials. 100 percent recycled Beach towel No chemical additives, preservatives and dyes are used during the manufacturing process of products such as loincloth and loincloth. 

All textile products produced by the brand, colored using waste fabrics. Green Petition brings together the sustainable product experience with its products that support the health of humans and nature. You too can take a step individually for a livable world and a good future, and you can choose recycled towels and loincloths with peace of mind. 


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