A Worldwide First from Sönmez Outdoor; Inflatable Luxury Camping Tents

A Worldwide First from Sönmez Outdoor; Inflatable Luxury Camping Tents
A Worldwide First from Sönmez Outdoor; Inflatable Luxury Camping Tents

Arousing great interest around the world Sonmez Outdoor It is at the forefront with its very successful designs. This tent, which has become a practical and comfortable holiday opportunity with its inflatable camping tent designs, has become the first choice of many people not only in our country but also around the world. The inflatable tent, which is set up in seconds with the help of a Hand Pump, has been specially produced for people who want hotel comfort. It installs in seconds and turns off in seconds. These tent models, which won the hearts of everyone with their transparent windows and many additional features such as an extra rain cover, are known by the name LONDON. Tent models that make camping holidays fun and comfortable are presented to you with 5 different color options.

There are also extra features such as chimney outlet on the specially prepared model. Thus, a successful heating is achieved especially against harsh winter conditions. The successful company not only did this, but also prepared it by performing special tests against all kinds of dangers and weather conditions. With its 360-degree design, it provides a spacious environment and carries the holiday process to the best performance.

Sönmez Outdoor is Now Available All Over the World

Sonmez Outdoor, manages to become a remarkable company with not only inflatable camping tents but also many products. The products obtained with the latest technology met with SONMEZ quality. In line with the experiences gained, the most suitable models were prepared for the demands of the people. While the successful company appeals to a larger audience day by day, its product range also increases at the same rate. In the inflatable tent models, which are meticulously prepared, Inflatable Caravan Tents is also of great interest.

On the models, which are generally prepared for 3 or 4 people, there are options for 8 or 10 people in line with the demands. All tent models and camping equipment offered have a long service life and warranty.

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