SKYWELL Opened the Factory to Produce Its Own Batteries

SKYWELL Opened the Factory to Produce Its Own Batteries
SKYWELL Opened the Factory to Produce Its Own Batteries

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, the electric car manufacturer SKYWELL, of which Ulu Motor, one of the Ulubaşlar Group companies, is the Turkey distributor, opened its factory in China where it will produce its own batteries.

Stepping into the electric car market with the ET5, chosen as the Electric Car of the Year in Turkey, SKYWELL continues to make a name for itself with the investments it has made. SKYWELL opened its own battery module and package manufacturing facility in Jiangsu, China. With the opening of the battery factory with a capacity of 1,2 GWh, the brand strengthened its hand in the competition in the global market. The brand, which has established a battery module and two battery pack production lines in its 22 thousand square meter facility, plans to produce batteries for approximately 2022 million dollars by the end of 56. The brand's target for 2023 is to reach $170 million.

The facility, which will only produce batteries for the Skywell ET5 and plug-in hybrid HT-i for now, will supply the lithium-ion battery cells from Farasis. SKYWELL, which plans to sell 2023 thousand cars in 100, is expected to make up half of the annual sales of 2030 million vehicles, which is its target for 1, from sales outside of China.

Electric car manufacturer SKYWELL, of which Ulu Motor is the Turkey distributor, achieved a very successful sales graphic with the ET5 model. With a range of up to 520 km, semi-autonomous driving and smart features, the ET5 achieved a significant success by receiving an order of over 4.500 before it was even in its first year.

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