Bursa Farmers Can't Give Up on Erkunt Tractor's M Series

Bursa Farmers Can't Give Up on Erkunt Traktor's M Series
Bursa Farmers Can't Give Up on Erkunt Tractor's M Series

Standing out with its functional and modern models, Erkunt Tractor will meet with the farmers at the Bursa Agriculture and Livestock Fair, which will be held between 4-8 October. Erkunt Tractor's CEO Tolga Saylan, who stated that they have been keeping the pulse of farmers for years and continuing to develop products in line with their needs, said that M Series tractors attracted attention.

Saylan said, “The tractors, which they started to design years ago upon the demands of fruit producers, turned into a huge family under the name of the M Series today. Erkunt has designed his own small but ingenious garden tractors especially for small trees such as hazelnut, olive, cherry, cherry, citrus, pear and peach. Thanks to the M Series, large tractors that damage fruits by hitting them became history in horticulture. We will host farmers with a large team at Bursa Agriculture and Livestock Fair, one of Turkey's most important agricultural fairs.


Informing that they specially designed M Series tractors for use in gardens 14 years ago, Tolga Saylan said, “Our farmer friends, with whom we had a long conversation while doing field work in Bursa and its vicinity, complained about the damage to the fruits of the large tractors they used in the garden. In order to find solutions to these complaints, we designed our M Series tractors exactly 14 years ago and achieved a great breakthrough with our small tractors. When we evaluated the demands that continued to come over the years and our farmer meetings in our field work, we observed the need for an ergonomic and economical construction machine that they can use both in horticulture and in the field, and we designed the Kismet 58E and presented it to our farmers. This product, which we launched in 2013, has now turned into a large series and still remains one of our best-selling products.”


Noting that they will bring together the farmers of Bursa with 2 new products they produced specially for the fair, CEO Tolga Saylan said: “As of the beginning of 2019, we produced the Fruitmaker Series with a cabinet. The growth of the gardens also means an increase in the power expected from the tractor. In this direction, we developed Kıymet 95 Fruit Shop Lux, the biggest and newest member of the Fruit family, by evaluating the requests from the farmers. We have 2 surprise products special for the fair. One of the 2 Fruits models produced in black is the Kıymet 95 Fruitmaker Lux. We have also added Powershift, which we have started to implement in our field segment Luxury models, to this product, as our farmers call it, the clutchless splitter gear option. The other special product is our Nimet 70 Fruit CRD model. This model, which is environmentally friendly and produced with our new generation Stage 3B emission level domestically produced engine brand e Capra, will also be exhibited at our stand. In addition to our best-selling products in the vineyard, garden and field segments at the Bursa Fair, our Hisarlar brand, where we have been producing soil tillage machines with our own design and production capabilities in the Agricultural Machinery Sector since 1984, will also be present. I invite all our farmer friends to our stands of Hisarlar and Erkunt, which are experts in agricultural equipment, the complementary product of the tractor, and have a wide product range.”

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