Turkey Motorcycle Workshop

Turkey Motorcycle Workshop
Turkey Motorcycle Workshop

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, giving the good news that the Supplier Development Digital Platform Project will come to life at the beginning of the year, said, “With this project; large enterprises and SMEs will come together through this platform. The development process of the products will then be supported by KOSGEB, that is, by us.” said.

The opening of the Turkish Motorcycle Workshop, organized by the Motorcycle Industry Association, was held with the participation of Minister of Industry and Technology Varank, Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya, Turkish Motorcycle Federation National Teams Captain and AK Party Sakarya Deputy Kenan Sofuoğlu. Minister Varank, in his speech here, stated that the level of mobility has increased in cities all over the world, but that problems such as access, parking and heavy traffic affect city life negatively, and in this context, motorcycles are becoming more widespread in the world, and the increasing demand for e-commerce is also important for the sector. He said it brings opportunities.


Noting that Turkey has unique advantages regarding the motorcycle industry, Varank said, “We agree with the industry representatives that there is a great potential for development here. On the other hand, there is a growing electric mobility sector. Of course, this has had and will continue to have important repercussions on motorcycles as it has on automobiles. We may be a little behind the world in the production of traditional motorcycles, but we have the opportunity to seize the open window of opportunity for electric motorcycles. In this sense, we are in constant communication with our stakeholders and carry out our work in order to proceed effectively.” he said.


Stating that there is a target they have set in their 2023 Industry and Technology Strategies, that they will increase the share of medium-high and high technologies in the manufacturing industry to 50 percent, and that two-wheeled vehicles such as motorcycles, bicycles and scooters are one of the areas they care about, Varank said, "Mobility Vehicles and Technologies Roadmap. He stated that they have set targets to support the use of electric vehicles within the scope of the project and that they will implement the targets in this roadmap.


Minister Varank stated that they included motorcycles in the scope of support with the Technology-Oriented Industry Move Program and that small concept vehicles also started to be supported within the scope of the mobility call in the move, and stated that they accepted the electric mobility vehicle development project of Getgo company within the scope of the move program and that the prototypes were ready. Varank emphasized that only if this project is successful, the added value will be over 5 billion liras in 4,5 years.


“In this period, our domestic producers have investments.” Varank said, “We must bring large-scale investments and global brands to this country in this period. Borusan is a distributor, but Borusan also has an industrialist foot. We can tow the BMW here, the Honda, the Yamaha here. We already have companies that are suppliers, we also have companies that produce parts of these in Turkey. There are cameras from this podium, I give a blank check. Here we, as the Ministry of Industry and Technology, can give whatever incentive and support we can give... As long as these companies come here, they can partner with their partners here, they can make these investments themselves, but we are ready to support them, as long as Turkey invests. . Be it production, employment and of course exports.” used his statements.


Pointing out that Turkey's becoming a center country in the world with the epidemic has also accelerated, Varank said that they achieved this thanks to the industrial ecosystem that Turkey brought in 20 years. Varank said, “How did we achieve this? While the whole world was closing down, we showed the whole world how safe Turkey is by running our industry. I'm sorry to name them here, while the suppliers in China did not answer their phones, our companies were working hard to fulfill their orders. So there is tremendous potential here. Let's evaluate this potential. Our domestic companies are now slowly taking action. You can evaluate them, we will give them all kinds of support," he said.


Addressing the companies in his speech, Varank said, “The products brought to Turkey zaman zamWe are experiencing difficulties. Zaman zamAt the moment, we can see that different products are sold with different displays. We see that poor quality products can enter the market. Here, too, our request from both distributors and manufacturers is that they do not go this route. As of last year, we started very strict inspections. We do not want to see products that will harm the health of citizens here in this country. Whatever is written on it, let that product be sold, let these productions and distributions be made in accordance with whatever standard is required.” used his statements.


Minister Varank pointed out that there are many applications that will support the motorcycle industry and gave information about the supports. Stating that he wanted to share a good news, Varank said, “We will implement the Supplier Development Digital Platform Project at the beginning of the year. Currently, it is through us to identify the products that large enterprises in the automotive sector need to be localized and to match the SMEs that will produce these products. So it is done manually. But with the Digital Supplier Platform Project, large enterprises and SMEs will come together on this platform, and the development process of the products will be supported by KOSGEB, that is, by us.” he said.


Stating that they will continue to share different applications like this and that they have gained momentum in terms of technology development, Varank said, “We are also aware that we have more work to do. In this sense, we will continue to work hard. Turkey is growing. The Turkish industry continues to develop with great momentum. Our country is a candidate to reach the top in every field with the infrastructure investments we have made and the competent human resources we have trained. How are we in the automotive industry with TOGG? zamAt the moment, we can do the same in the motorcycle industry if we have invested in the right technology. We believe that there is no obstacle in front of Turkey in this sense. On the contrary, we can see that Turkey has many advantages in this field. Hopefully, by using these advantages in the best way, as soon as possible. zamAt the same time, we will achieve the breakthrough we want in the motorcycle industry.” said.

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