Galataport Istanbul Becomes the New Stop of TOGG Concept Smart Device

Galataport Istanbul Becomes the New Stop of TOGG Concept Smart Device
Galataport Istanbul Becomes the New Stop of TOGG Concept Smart Device

Turkey's global technology brand Togg, serving in the field of mobility, is meeting with visitors at Galataport Istanbul. In the first quarter of 2023, Togg, which is preparing to take the C SUV, its first born electric smart device, off the band, is meeting with the local and foreign guests of the city in Galataport Istanbul with its Concept Smart Device, which is not planned to be mass-produced but reveals the vision of the brand. Concept Smart Device, which was launched in January at the world's largest Consumer Electronics Fair CES 2022, started to be exhibited at Galataport Istanbul Doğuş Square as of September 15. The Concept Smart Device, which will meet with the visitors until October 15, gives important clues about the technologies that Togg will use in the future. same zamGalataport Istanbul, which won the title of Europe's second largest LEED Platinum certified project with its environmentally friendly practices, with Togg, which is currently green by nature, exhibits a strong partnership in terms of sustainability in addition to its innovative approach.

Doors open like a book

Reflecting Togg's vision, the device is a dynamic and innovative fastback that retains the stylistic features found in Togg's DNA. The basis of the style concept is the muscular rear design and the shoulder line extending to the rear, starting from the headlights and strengthening the vehicle's profile. The illuminated Togg logo on the car symbolizes the unity of East and West. Developed by Togg designers under the leadership of Murat Günak and produced in Pininfarina studios, the windshield in the device was designed almost from the beginning to be compatible with the innate electric architecture, while the wheels continue to carry the multi-spoke stylized tulip feature of Togg DNA. In the Smart Device, which has a metallic gray color that plays a mixture of violet and indigo blue, in addition to the exterior design, the interior design and the cabin experience of the passengers are taken to the next level. Inside, the steering wheel has been remade with a sporty and elegant design, although a faithful approach to the design of the C SUV has been followed. There are 4 single seats with integrated seat belts in the interior, and the doors open like a book with the design that eliminates the middle column. While light leather is used for the front seats, dark colors are preferred for the rear seats. On the seat belts, on the other hand, the choice of light blue color draws attention to emphasize the originality.

Ready for mass production in October

Togg, which will be ready for mass production in October, will launch the C-segment born electric SUV at the end of the first quarter of 2023, after the completion of international technical competence (homogolation) tests. Then, Sedan and Hatchback models in the C segment will enter the production line. In the following years, with the addition of B-SUV and C-MPV to the family, the product range consisting of 5 models carrying the same DNA will be completed. Togg plans to produce a total of 2030 million vehicles by 5, with the production of 1 different models from a single platform.

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