What is a Family Physician, What Does He Do, How to Become? Family Physician Salaries 2022

What is a Family Physician What Do They Do How to Become Family Physician Salaries
What is a Family Physician, What Does He Do, How to Become? Family Physician Salaries 2022

Family physician is the name given to the group of doctors who examine and treat people's health status and conduct regular health screenings to prevent the development of diseases. The family physician directs serious diseases that require another specialty to the specialist of the subject or to an appropriate clinic. Family physicians, unlike specialists, are general practitioners. The concept of family medicine was created specifically to protect the health of families. Therefore, family physicians are trained to care for patients of all ages.

What Does a Family Physician Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

The family physician is responsible for making the diagnosis, which is considered the first step in treatment, or referral to a specialist for anyone who needs medical care. Other professional responsibilities of the family physician are;

  • Taking patient histories, performing or requesting diagnostic tests,
  • To diagnose disease, prescribe treatment,
  • To carry out periodic health examinations for individuals registered in the family health center,
  • Elderly, disabled, bedridden etc. To provide home health services to patients in the condition,
  • Applying vaccines or performing vaccine follow-up examinations,
  • Educating patients about disease prevention,
  • Providing prenatal and postnatal care to pregnant women,
  • Keeping and following patient records from birth,
  • Participate in in-service training

How to Become a Family Physician?

The conditions for being a family doctor are stated as follows according to the education levels;

  • Persons who have earned the title of general practitioner by graduating from the medical department of universities must complete the family medicine training program and obtain a 'Family Physician Certificate',
  • To graduate from the Department of Family Medicine, which is affiliated with the medical faculties of universities,
  • Gaining the title of specialization in any branch with the Examination for Specialization in Medicine and receiving education in family medicine

Features that a Family Physician Should Have

  • Communication, especially listening skills,
  • predisposition to teamwork,
  • To follow the developments in the field of medicine,
  • Treating patients equally regardless of language, religion or race

Family Physician Salaries 2022

As family physicians progress in their careers, their positions and average salaries are the lowest 10.690 TL, average 17.360 TL, and the highest 25.170 TL.

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