Domestic Car TOGG's Horn Became Seger AVAS

Domestic Car TOGG's Horn Became Seger AVAS
Domestic Car TOGG's Horn Became Seger AVAS

While TOGG leaves behind the steps such as factory installation, road tests, logo presentation and completion of body production; The detailed parts to be used in the vehicle also started to show themselves. The horn of the domestic automobile TOGG will be produced by Seger, which is among the top 10 horn brands in the world.

As Seger, AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Warning System), implemented with ITU during the R&D stage, aims to prevent possible accidents in terms of pedestrians by creating an artificial sound in electric vehicles.

Since electric vehicles do not have an internal combustion engine, these vehicles operate very quietly. Pedestrians, in particular, do not realize that an electric vehicle is approaching. It can also cause an accident for vehicles in the vicinity. For this, an artificial sound is needed until the vehicle reaches 30 km/h speed. AVAS is a new product developed for this need.

This sound simulation device, which can be used in full and semi-electric vehicles, can be developed according to the special requests of vehicle manufacturers thanks to the CAN software it contains. In other words, the automobile manufacturer will be able to define the desired audio file to the product. Seger production lines were established for AVAS. For the first time, the national automobile project will take place in Togg's SUV models, and then it will be presented to the automotive industry with mass production.

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