Lineo Engineering, Nomitated as one of Best Romanian Automotive Design Companies

Lineo Engineering Romania
Lineo Engineering Romania

How is the evaluation made?

The US based business guide with the name of Manifest recently published a list of top 100 Romanian companies that offer engineering services for product development. Out of these large selection, Lineo made it to number 9 on the list, providing services to the automotive industry, consumer products and services or manufacturing. To reach this position, Lineo Engineering, received several scores: 5 out of 4,8 for scheduling, 5 for quality, 4,9 for cost and 4,9 for NPS/ Willingness to Refer.

More about LINEO

Lineo Engineering is a product development company, focused on shaping complex ideas into simple products. At Lineo, partners will find Mechanical Designers eager to find smart solutions to all sorts of challenges. The team skills are mainly based on product design, suppling fully adapted and unique solutions for each specific project.

Find more about Lineo Engineering here - a reliable partner for product development services!

The company prides with a highly experienced team of engineers which has a cumulated experience in some of the biggest multinationals in the automotive industry. Having worked with clients of different sizes (from start-ups to multinationals) in different transnational contexts (European, American, Asian), our engineers have acquired an invaluable multicultural experience, knowledge of different markets and an in-depth understanding of different types of partners.

Lineo Engineering provides a management consultant group with mechanical and electrical engineering services for product development. They assist with research and development and create product outlines.

"Lineo Engineering can adapt to any project, from mechanical to electrical and civil engineering, or even R&D."

The Manifest

Designed to be one of the most approachable business guides of the moment, The Manifest’s goal is to compile practical business wisdom to make each visitor’s objectives a reality. To do so, the team has adopted a bold mission - to collect and analise the hard data, expert insights, and actionable advice that companies need to build a brand and grow a business. What better way to provide the practical business wisdom that manifests in the partners’ success?

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