SKYWELL HT-i is on the roads of Turkey in September

SKYWELL HT is on Turkey Roads in September
SKYWELL HT-i is on the roads of Turkey in September

One of the Ulubaşlar Group companies, Ulu Motor, which brought firsts to the Turkish automotive industry with the SKYWELL brand, is preparing to enter the market with the brand's brand new model. SKYWELL's new hybrid model HT-i has an electric motor producing 81 kW of power and 116 Nm of torque, as well as an engine producing 135 kW (130 hp) and 300 Nm of torque. With a battery capacity of 33 kW/h, the model can travel up to 200 kilometers in all-electric mode. Featuring BYD's DM-i hybrid technology, the SKYWELL HT-i has a total range of up to 1.267 kilometers with this unique feature. The brand's new hybrid model, SKYWELL HT-i, will hit the roads of Turkey with the assurance of Ulu Motor as of September.

Mahmut Ulubaş, CEO of SKYWELL Turkey, said, “Our 100 percent electric model ET5 has attracted a lot of attention in Turkey. Our model, which draws attention with its superior technological features, high range and price, has already sold over 350 units. Without factors affecting production such as the chip crisis, this figure could have been much higher right now. We will gain even more strength as a brand with our new hybrid model SKYWELL HT-i, which will hit the roads of Turkey in September. We will continue our growth in the Turkish market with our high-range electric power unit models.”

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