British MG Celebrates 1st Anniversary of Return to Turkey

British MG Celebrates Anniversary of Return to Turkey
British MG Celebrates 1st Anniversary of Return to Turkey

The legendary British automobile brand MG, of which Doğan Trend Automotive, operating under the umbrella of Doğan Holding, is the Turkey distributor, has left behind its first year in Turkey. The first year of the brand, which has a deep-rooted English background, in Turkey was celebrated with a special invitation. Special guests, business world, MG business partners and the first MG customers attended the event, which was held in the historical building of the British Consulate General in Beyoğlu, with the high permission of the British Consul General, Mr. Kenan Poleo. The biggest surprise of the magnificent invitation was the new long-range electric ZS model. The new model ZS EV, which was introduced for the first time in Turkey, attracted great attention from the guests.

Established in England in 1924, the deep-rooted British automobile brand MG (Morris Garages) re-entered the Turkish market last year with the assurance of Doğan Trend Otomotiv. The deep-rooted British manufacturer celebrates its first year in Turkey; Celebrated with a special invitation held at the British Consulate General. The event, attended by Doğan Trend Automotive CEO Kağan Dağtekin, Doğan Trend Automotive Group Deputy General Manager for Automobile Brands Tibet Soysal, British Consul General, Eastern Europe and Central Asia Commissioner Kenan Paleo and many guests, witnessed pleasant moments. The night, which started with a piano recital and ended with a DJ performance, had the chance to see MG's renewed ZS EV for the first time.

MG is an important brand that catches up to date!

Doğan Trend Automotive CEO Kağan Dağtekin, one of the hosts of the night, said, “One year ago, we made our name known with only one model. The number of our models has increased, we have grown together. We have managed to become a much more valuable and big family. While making this celebration, we could not think of a more suitable place for the MG brand, which has a history of 100 years. We would like to thank the British Consul General, Eastern Europe and Central Asia Commissioner Mr. Kenan Paleo for hosting us and everyone who contributed.” Doğan Trend Automotive Group CEO and Board Member Kağan Dağtekin also said, “Our automotive brands are of great importance in our group's distributorship activities. MG is our most important brand among our growth plans in Turkey. MG is a well-established brand that will celebrate its 100th anniversary soon, and is a successful brand that catches the day with electric vehicles. With more than 15 experience points in 400 countries in Europe, the MG brand gained the appreciation of Europeans and reached a high growth rate and became the fastest growing brand in Europe.

MG Family will continue to grow

At the night, Doğan Trend Automotive Deputy General Manager Tibet Soysal also gave a brief about the brand. zamUnderlining the success they achieved at the moment, he said, “Within a year, the MG Family has grown and will continue to grow. There are 13 MG authorized dealers in nine different cities across Turkey. It started out with a single model in May 2021 and became the leader in its segment in its first year. We are preparing to announce great surprises, especially in 100, the 2024th anniversary of the brand.” Giving information about the new ZS EV, which was exhibited for the first time as part of MG's 1st year celebration event, Soysal said, "The new model of ZS EV, which is one of the first models that comes to mind when it comes to 100% electric in our country, has a WLTP range of 440 km, thanks to the increased capacity of the battery pack. It can go up to 550 km in it. Thanks to its technology-developing interior design, new security measures and the V2L, vehicle-to-vehicle charging feature, which will be a first in Turkey, the new ZS EV will make a name for itself among electric vehicles. It is possible to charge other electrical devices thanks to the vehicle-to-vehicle connection (V2L) feature of the new ZS EV, which was chosen as the car of the year in the UK and Sweden. This is very important for the automotive industry," he said.

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