What is Notary Sworn Translation?

What is Notary Sworn Translation?
What is Notary Sworn Translation?

There are thousands of foreign languages ​​in our world. Because there are so many languages, there is a great need for translators that will enable people speaking different languages ​​to communicate with each other. Translation is one of the most difficult and serious jobs. Interpreting is among the risky professions as they also translate official documents. It is of great importance that the document you want to translate is translated by notary sworn translators.

Notary sworn translation There are some steps to be followed. First of all, translators who have completed their undergraduate education must obtain a sworn translator certificate from a notary public. Translators, who have a notary sworn translator certificate, send the document to the notary public after completing the translation process, signing and stamping the document. After the signed and stamped documents are examined at the notary public, they are signed and sealed by the notary public if deemed appropriate. Translation performed by following these steps is called notary sworn translation.

There are many offices that provide translation services. It is of great importance to choose the most reliable one among the many offices that provide this service and to find the translation office that advances in line with our demands. Aspa Sworn Translation Office offers notary sworn translation services to our citizens who need translation upon request. The translation is carried out with a notary sworn, meticulous and careful study. Aspa Sworn Translation Office aims to provide a fast and reliable service as well as providing a quality translation.

The translations you have sent for translation, the date and time to be prepared. zamdelivers it to you instantly. Aspa Sworn Translation Office attaches great importance to working with notary sworn translators and translators who are highly specialized in their fields, and provides service with an expert working team.

Services Provided / Translation Price

Aspa Sworn Translation Office provides its customers with translation opportunities in many languages ​​and in many varieties. Some of the services they provide are listed below.

  • Document Translation
  • Academic Translation
  • Passport Translation
  • Religious Translation
  • Foreign Trade Translation
  • Marriage Certificate Translation
  • General Translation
  • Legal Translation
  • Online Translation
  • Oral Translation
  • Sports Translation
  • Medical Translation
  • Commercial Translation
  • Diploma Translation
  • ID Card Translation
  • Urgent Translation
  • Catalog Brochure Translation
  • Construction Industry Translation
  • Press and Literary Translation

As can be seen above, they provide services to their customers in many areas. In addition to these, it is difficult to find a translation agency that provides translation services in the language we are looking for. Aspa Sworn Translation Office caters to many people by providing services in exactly 53 languages.

With their contact numbers, Whatsapp lines and e-mail addresses, they enable their customers to reach them for information or to indicate their problems. Aspa Sworn Translation Office, which solves the problems of its customers as quickly as possible, has been providing the satisfaction of its customers for eleven years.

It also strives to offer the most reasonable prices while pricing. It accelerates the process by offering the best price offer to its customers in the fastest way through the contact form or other contact addresses on the websites.

English Translation

English is a language that emerged centuries ago. Today, English has become a common language. It has been accepted as the mother tongue of many countries, especially the United States, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand. For this reason, English translation is most needed. Aspa Sworn Translation Office includes English among the 53 languages ​​it provides translation services for. It performs English translations in all fields, in a high quality, fast and professional manner. It also strives to provide this service to people who need translation at the most affordable price. While performing translation services, it works by putting the satisfaction of all its customers in the foreground.

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