CUPRA EKS Top Three Places in FIA ETCR's First Race

CUPRA EKS Top Three Places In The First Half Of The FIA ​​ETCR
CUPRA EKS Top Three Places in FIA ETCR's First Race

The FIA ​​ETCR eTouring Car World Cup, the world's first all-electric, multi-brand touring car series, witnessed good competitions in the first leg races held in France. Circuit de Pau-Ville, located on the streets of a town identified with motor sports, hosted the first race of the season consisting of seven legs. On the 2 km track, which is narrow and full of bends, the teams and the pilots pushed the limits of their vehicles.

CUPRA EKS made a quick start to the season by achieving the first three places in the first leg of the 2022 FIA ETCR held in France. CUPRA EKS is coming as the most assertive team in the second leg, which will be held in Istanbul Park on May 20-22.

In the race, which is extremely innovative in terms of its format, the pilots are divided into two pools as “Pool Fast” and “Pool Furious”; they collect points for the Super Final as a result of their struggles here. Each fight is limited to a maximum of 20 minutes to ensure that the pilots can concentrate fully on the race and do not have to conserve battery power. After all, a close and highly competitive struggle takes place between cars with a maximum power of up to 500kW.

CUPRA EKS's Swedish driver Ekström is the best in both Q1 and Q2 in the “Pool Furious” run on Saturday. zamgot the moment. Ekström, who started the Semi-Finals on Sunday from the pole position, managed to stand out from Azcona and Spengler by maintaining his leadership throughout the race and took the first place.

Ekström's teammate in “Pool Fast”, Adrien Tambay from CUPRA EKS, also had a successful drive in the Semi-Finals. Another pilot of the team, Tom Blomqvist, who came in third place in the ranking, despite having a successful race all weekend, despite the fact that his teammate Tambay went out of line in the Semi-Final pole and Maxime Martin's constant pressure throughout the race, Tambay won the Super Final. He managed to finish behind him. With these results, CUPRA EKS managed to get the 'Manufacturers Award' by seeing the podium with 4 of its 3 pilots.

The excitement of the FIA ​​ETCR eTouring Car World Cup will continue at Istanbul Park on May 20-22.

Weekend Driver Ratings

  • Ekström 100 (FURIOUS)
  • Tambay 92 (FAST)
  • Blomqvist 79 (FAST)
  • Azcona 72 (FURIOUS)
  • Spengler 61 (FURIOUS)
  • Martin 56 (FAST)
  • Vernay 45 (FAST)
  • Michelisz 43 (FAST)
  • Gene 30 (FURIOUS)
  • Ceccon 28 (FURIOUS)
  • Venturini 24 (FURIOUS)
  • Philippi 15 (FAST)

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