Vespa Models Will Express Their Style at Motobike Istanbul Fair

Vespa Models Will Speak Their Styles at Motobike Istanbul Fair
Vespa Models Will Express Their Style at Motobike Istanbul Fair

Celebrating its 76th anniversary this year, the iconic brand of the motorcycle world, Vespa, is getting ready to show its style at Motobike Istanbul 2022. Represented by Doğan Trend Automotive, which has the biggest stand of the fair this year, the Italian motorcycle manufacturer will meet motorcycle lovers with its 100% electric model Elettrica, as well as its attractively designed models such as Primavera, GTS and Sprint.

Vespa, a brand of the Piaggio company founded in 1884 and born with the desire to create an innovative solution for individual transportation, has since become an icon that has managed to fall in love with motorcycle enthusiasts with its design. Vespa, whose footsteps are heard in the Turkish market much stronger than in the past, will be showcased at the 2022 Motobike Istanbul Fair with all its models sold in Turkey.

Vespa, the iconic brand of Italian motorcycle style, represented by Doğan Trend Automotive, a subsidiary of Doğan Holding in Turkey, is preparing to meet motorcycle lovers with 2022 different models at Motobike Istanbul 13. Participating in the Motobike Fair with a wide model family from 50 cc to 300 cc, Vespa brings together the appeal of the iconic Italian design with motorcycle enthusiasts.

Iconic design, hi-tech

In addition to the sales figures it has achieved in Italy, the Primavera model, which has become the first star of advertisements and movies and attracts attention, has 150 150T150V versions that can be used even with 50, 4 Touring, 3 S and B class licenses, as well as Sprint S 150 3V ABS, GTS 125, GTS 300 HPE, GTS Supersport 300 HPE, GTS Touring 300 HPE, GTS Super Racing Sixties 300, GTS Supertech 300 HPE, SEI Giorni 300 HPE models will take place in Motobike Istanbul 2022.

100% Electric Vespa: Elettrica

In addition to all these specially designed Vespa models, Doğan Trend Automotive's electric motorcycle stand also features a 100% electric Vespa Elettrica. Combining Vespa's technology with its revolutionary and contemporary spirit, Elettrica has already managed to conquer the hearts of motorcycle lovers. With a power of 4 kW (5,4 hp), Elettrica can reach a maximum speed of 45 km / h and offers a range of 120 kilometers. Combining the technologies of the future with a flawless Italian design, the model draws attention as the first electric scooter of the popular Italian scooter brand Vespa. Vespa Elettrica, which offers connection with a smartphone for advanced multimedia features, including navigation in the cockpit, can be charged in 4 hours.

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