Zero Interest Period at Peugeot

Peugeotda Zero Interest Period
Zero Interest Period at Peugeot

PEUGEOT Turkey is making a difference again in April with its very special offers for its passenger and commercial vehicle product range. With its models that are always one step ahead in their segments, PEUGEOT attracts attention with its attractive zero-interest loan options in SUV 2008, SUV 3008, SUV 5008 and 508. PEUGEOT SUV 8, the most preferred model of its segment with the new generation i-Cockpit®, EAT8 2008-speed fully automatic transmission and semi-autonomous driving options, is waiting for its new owners in showrooms with the opportunity of a 80.000-month zero-interest loan for 12 TL. With its class-breaking design, superior driving comfort and rich equipment, the SUV 3008 can be preferred with a 115.000-month, zero-interest loan option for 12 TL. In the PEUGEOT SUV 5008 with a seating capacity of seven people, a 120.000-month, zero-interest loan advantage is provided for 12 TL. For the PEUGEOT 508, which stands out in the sedan class with its sporty identity and strong style, PEUGEOT offers its customers 80.000-month, zero-interest advantages for 12 TL.

PEUGEOT Turkey also does not forget the masters of trade in April. With its thrifty BlueHDi diesel engine and 8-speed fully automatic EAT8 gearbox, Rifter can be preferred with a 100.000-month, zero-interest loan up to TL 15. All other commercial vehicle models of PEUGEOT are supported with a 120.000-month, zero-interest loan option up to TL 15.

In April, PEUGEOT Turkey brings together very advantageous campaign options for its passenger car and commercial vehicle product range with its unique designs, innovative technologies and superior driving characteristics. Within the scope of advantageous campaigns that will continue throughout April, attractive zero-interest loan options are offered in SUV 2008, SUV 3008, SUV 5008 and 508 models. Those who want to own the PEUGEOT SUV 2008 model, one of the members of the SUV family, can use 80.000-month zero-interest loans for 12 TL or 120.000% interest loans for 15 TL with a 0,99-month term, those who want to have the SUV 3008 model with 115.000-month zero interest or 12 TL for 150.000 TL. They can benefit from 18-month 0,99% interest loan campaigns. The PEUGEOT SUV 1.5, with a seating capacity of seven, the new PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® and Night Vision, and the only 5008 lt BlueHDi diesel engine in its segment, is offered with a 120.000-month zero-interest loan for 12 TL or an 150.000-month 18% interest rate for 0,99 TL. . PEUGEOT 508, the striking representative of the sedan class, offering maximum driving pleasure as a standard, can be preferred with 80.000-month zero-interest loan options for 12 TL or 120.000-month maturity loan options with 15% interest for 0,99 TL.

Zero interest loan opportunity for commercial vehicles from PEUGEOT!

Offering high comfort and efficiency with its BlueHDi diesel engine and 8-speed fully automatic EAT8 gearbox, the PEUGEOT Rifter, which is a versatile vehicle in its class with its SUV-like design and technology, offers zero interest for 100.000 months up to 15 TL or 170.000% for 15 TL for 0,99 months. It is possible to have loans with an interest rate of .120.000. All other light commercial vehicle models of PEUGEOT are also supported with 15 months zero interest loan options up to 200.000 TL or 15 months with 0,99% interest for XNUMX TL.

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