Mercedes-Benz eCitaro G Successfully Tested in Harsh Winter Conditions

Mercedes Benz eCitaro G Successfully Tested Under Tough Winter Conditions
Mercedes-Benz eCitaro G Successfully Tested in Harsh Winter Conditions

Mercedes-Benz's fully electric bus eCitaro G, which started to serve in Bolzano, Italy, continues its services successfully. The eCitaro G, the articulated version of the eCitaro family, has been demonstrating all its capabilities since January 2022 on scheduled sailings in the Seiser Alm region at an altitude of approximately 2.000 meters above sea level, under snow and harsh winter conditions.

Mercedes-Benz Turkish Bus Development Body Director Dr. Zeynep Gul Husband; “In our Istanbul R&D Center, which has a very important position in Daimler Truck's global network; We are responsible for the development of the eCitaro models' interior equipment, bodywork, exterior coatings, electrical infrastructure, diagnostic systems, road tests and hardware durability tests. The successful performance of the articulated eCitaro G under difficult conditions also increases the motivation of our R&D team, which has done important work in the development of the vehicle.”

Continuing to carry its investments in smart and environmentally friendly transportation solutions to the roads with mass production vehicles, Mercedes-Benz continues its pioneering position in the field of zero-emission travel with its electric city bus eCitaro models.

With a power capacity of 441 kWh with solid state batteries, the eCitaro G demonstrated its stability, traction and performance on regular voyages. eCitaro G continues to serve on the route between the towns of Compatsch and Saltria, located in Seiser Alm, the largest plateau of the Alps.

The eCitaro G, whose bodywork is adapted from diesel vehicles, can be produced with different battery numbers and charging options according to the needs of the customers, thanks to the heavy load rails integrated into the roof. Depending on customer preference, 6 batteries can be mounted on the roof of the eCitaro G and 1 battery on the back of the vehicle. In addition, depending on preference, a solid state battery or a new generation lithium-ion battery can be used in the vehicle.

The carrier systems created for the assembly of the said battery systems to the eCitaro G were optimized with the finite element analysis method to save material and weight. In addition, the dynamic loads arising during the vehicle's driving, bad road tests, its resistance to meet the ECE R66 and ECE R110 norms were analyzed by the finite element method, and the necessary reinforcements and the most suitable material were provided.

The eCitaro G, which can be charged with the socket on the right side of the vehicle as standard, can also be charged from the left side or rear of the vehicle. In addition, a pantograph or charging rack is mounted on the roof of the eCitaro G for charging at the stall. The systems and batteries in question were created in a way that could be presented together and in different combinations, thanks to their modular structure.

Weight savings were also achieved by developing a new carrier system for the geometry of the battery and connection points in the carrier parts to be used for mounting the new generation lithium-ion batteries on the vehicle roof and the rear of the vehicle.

Developed a modular and lightweight ceiling construction

A new modular and lightweight roof construction has also been developed to protect the batteries and devices on the roof of the eCitaro G from external environmental effects and UV rays. This two-piece structure in the air conditioning zones can be opened for easy periodic air conditioning maintenance and controls.

The eCitaro G and the eCitaro Solo share the same front design. While the eCitaro G includes 3D depth perception with the design lines created on its modern face, it also contributes to energy savings with its improved aerodynamic structure. The front panel that can be opened for maintenance and new LED headlights make it easy to maintain headlights and access other devices. In addition, with its new design elements on black surfaces integrated with the windshield, eCitaro G brings the electric travel of tomorrow to our lives with its dynamic and attractive appearance.

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