What is a Dean, What Does He Do, How To Become? Dean Salaries 2022

What is a Dean What Does a Dean Do How to Become Dean Salaries
What is a Dean, What Does He Do, How to Become Dean Salaries 2022

The dean is the most authorized person in the department at the university. The duties of the dean in the faculty are determined by the Higher Education Institution.

The dean is the most authoritative person in the faculty. Along with complying with the regulations determined by YÖK, he is also responsible for the operation of the unit he is in. Dean; works to fulfill all duties and responsibilities towards students, employees and trainers.

What Does the Dean Do, What Are His Duties?

The dean, who has received the necessary training and started to work as an education officer at the university, is selected by appointment method. Duties and responsibilities of the dean, who is dismissed by the rector if he does not comply with the duties he must fulfill, can be listed as follows:

  • To enable students to take part in social activities,
  • Supervising all personnel and conducting inspections for the fulfillment of duties,
  • To take measures to ensure the safety of life and property of students and employees in the faculty,
  • Carrying out studies for students to receive quality education,
  • To determine the expenses in line with the needs of the faculty,
  • Fulfilling the duties assigned by the Rector.

How to Become a Dean

The first requirement to become a dean is to graduate from a 4-year university. Those who successfully complete the education process should enter the university as a faculty member. Persons who have passed various trainings and examinations and become professors after becoming a faculty member may be eligible to become deans, if recommended by the rector. However, it is not enough to be recommended by the rector. Because to be dean, an election must be made and a decision must be made by YÖK.

What Education Is Required to Become a Dean?

The first step to becoming a dean is to become a faculty member. In order to become a lecturer, it is necessary to get 70 and above in the ALES exam. After becoming a faculty member, respectively; It is necessary to successfully complete the stages of assistant professorship, associate professorship and professorship. There is also a requirement for a very good command of English. There are numerical and verbal subjects in the ALES exam. However, besides all these, there must be a vacancy in the staff of the university where you want to study.

Dean Salaries 2022

The lowest Dean's salary in 2022 is 5.200 TL, the average Dean's salary is 12.000 TL, and the highest Dean's salary is 32.800 TL.

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