China Takes Control of Latest Covid-19 Outbreak


It has been reported that the new wave that has emerged in the Kovid-19 epidemic in China in recent days has been brought under control.

Mi Feng, spokesperson of the Chinese National Health Commission, informed that, at the press conference held today, no locally sourced cases have been detected for 16 days in 8 of the 14 provinces where cases have been seen within the scope of the latest wave spread across the country. The spokesperson also drew attention to the fact that the epidemic was completely under control in the cities where the customs gates are located, especially in Keqina, Heihe and Dalian. 23 new cases were detected yesterday in China. It was reported that 3 of the cases were of local origin and 20 of them came from abroad. However, 16 asymptomatic cases have been identified. A total of 98 cases have been detected in the main part of China so far. The number of deaths due to the epidemic remained unchanged since January, at 450.

Source : China International Ratio

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