Give Way to Life Campaign Launched Across Turkey

Give way to life campaign started across turkey
Give way to life campaign started across turkey

Turkey, which is one of the two countries that achieved the 2011% target in terms of loss of life due to traffic accidents in the eyes of the United Nations in the period of 2020-50, continues to work towards the goal of reducing the number of deaths caused by traffic accidents by 2021% between the years 2030-50 and "zero loss of life" by 2050. In this context, circulars on “Traffic Accidents Prevention Plan”, “Sacrifice Day Traffic Measures” and “Prevention of Motorcycle Accidents”, which include short, medium and long-term plans that determine the roadmap for the prevention of traffic accidents, were sent to the governorships by our Ministry.

With the circulars, attention was drawn to the importance of information and awareness-raising activities, the use of seat belts and helmets, as well as effective and intensive inspections to prevent loss of life due to traffic accidents.

The Traffic Accidents Prevention Plan of the Provinces will be Prepared by the Commission

With the Traffic Accidents Prevention Plan Circular sent to the governorships, the police, gendarmerie, transportation, municipality, health, national education, agriculture and forestry, under the chairmanship of the governor or the deputy governor to be appointed, by the governors, including the Eid al-Adha holiday, in the area of ​​responsibility of the Police / Gendarmerie traffic. A commission will be established, which will consist of representatives of other relevant units. A 180-day Traffic Accident Prevention Plan will be prepared by this commission. With this plan, "fighting excessive speed", "use of seat belts and helmets", "pedestrian priority", "motorcycle/motor bike use" and "mobile phone use" etc. Traffic safety will be increased by reducing the number of fatal and injury traffic accidents occurring within the provincial borders.

Field Domination Will Be Increased with Effective and Intensive Controls

Compared to the first six months of this year with the same period of the previous year, the places where the violations that cause traffic accidents occurred and the type of violation, the types of accidents that occurred due to these violations, zammoments and driver flaws etc. information will be analysed.
Field dominance will be increased with effective, continuous and intensive inspections, and mobile/motorized traffic teams/teams will be visible. The headlights of the team vehicles will be kept open, especially on the routes where the traffic teams are responsible for accidents. In case of need, mixed teams can be formed by the Police and Gendarmerie Traffic Teams to conduct joint inspections.

Air Controls will be Emphasis

Every audit activity zamThe “perceived sense of risk of being caught” will be kept at a constant and high level in drivers by being carried out effectively anytime and anywhere. In addition to general controls for this, drone, helicopter, etc. Traffic controls with aircraft will also be emphasized.

Radar Vehicles Will Be Programmed on a 7/24 Basis

Within the scope of Combating Excessive Speed, necessary plans will be made for speed inspections to be carried out together with the dialing teams. All radar vehicles will be assigned in accordance with the monthly traffic control programs on a 7/24 basis, day and night without exception. Planning and assignments will be made by provincial traffic units for speed control on main arteries such as state roads and provincial roads passing through district centers without radar vehicles. In places where pedestrians are concentrated, such as schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and on the streets, streets and routes around these places.zamEfforts will be made to reduce the speed limit i to 30 km/h.

Awareness will be raised through campaigns

In order to achieve the targets set in the 2021-2030 Highway Traffic Safety Strategy Document, events and campaigns will be organized to increase social awareness, and audit/information activities will be carried out throughout the year.

Training/information activities will be carried out on the subjects of running a red light, using mobile phones while driving, improper use of agricultural vehicles in traffic, driving under the influence of alcohol, stopping/parking on highways and intercity roads.

In the life tunnels created in 59 provinces with the slogan "A Short Break for Life"; Short films specially prepared about the necessity of using seat belts, the negative effects of mobile phones on human attention, the effects of excessive speed and normal cruising speed on human life, accidents caused by close follow-up and incorrect lane change, and pedestrian priority/safety will be watched by drivers and passengers.

Practical traffic trainings will continue to be given in Children's Traffic Education Parks for pre-school and primary school students. School administrations will be encouraged to participate in the practical trainings given with the "Mobile Traffic Training Truck", which was implemented with the slogan "Mobile Traffic Training Truck on the Roads of Turkey".

Countrywide “Give Way to Life” Campaign

A new campaign has been launched by our Ministry with the slogan "Let's give way to life throughout the country". Awareness will be created with visuals written as "Let life with your belt", "Let life with your patience", "Let life with your helmet", "Let life with your attention" be prepared within the scope of the campaign.

A Report on Seat Belt Use in Provinces Will Be Issued

Effective inspections will be carried out and sanctions will be implemented decisively in order to ensure that the increased seat belt usage rate in drivers is also ensured for passengers. (According to the 2020-month statistical data of 6, only 1,82% of the drivers who were inspected during the seat belt inspections were penalized, while the remaining 98.18% was assumed to be wearing seat belts.)
In order to determine the seat belt usage rates on a provincial basis, different types of roads are used in universities and cities in and out of settlements. zamat times and locations; Counts will be made for the driver, front seat passengers and rear seat passengers. Based on the reports created by universities as a result of the census, information/audit plans will be created to increase belt usage rates.

Signs of Pedestrian and School Crossings to be Standardized

Horizontal and vertical markings on pedestrian/school crossings will be checked and those that do not comply with the standards will be renewed. "Pedestrian First" images will be drawn in the direction of vehicles approaching all unlit school and pedestrian crossings in order to ensure that drivers are warned before pedestrians and school crossings, to increase their attention, to slow down and to give pedestrians the first right of way. Motorized and pedestrian personnel will be used to prevent risky behaviors that will occur in areas where pedestrians are concentrated and in city attractions.

Civilian Personnel Will Be Used in Mobile Phone Inspections

In order to prevent violations of speaking on a mobile phone while driving, which is an important problem in traffic, civilian personnel will also be used, and notice inspections will be emphasized. Sensitivity of general law enforcement personnel to cell phone usage violations will be increased.

Intensive Control on the Feast of Sacrifice

In the circular sent to the governorship of 81 provinces due to the Eid al-Adha, it was stated that although the Eid holiday is 9 days, traffic measures will be taken for 14 days between 26-13 July.

In addition, a total of 9 teams/teams and 259 personnel will be assigned daily during the Eid al-Adha. A total of 17 thousand 430 teams/teams and 13 thousand 120 personnel will be assigned during the 372 days when the measures are taken. In addition, a total of 226 chief inspectors, including 586 Police and 30 Gendarmerie, will examine the measures taken by the team and personnel on the routes and at the black spots where the accidents are concentrated.

Bus Inspection Will Be Made With Civilian Personnel

A total of 690 civilian personnel will supervise 1.380 intercity buses. 15 helicopters and 79 drones will perform aerial inspections. A total of 1.100 Police and Gendarmerie model vehicles and traffic teams will be inspected.

Terminal Controls Will Be Emphasized

As intercity travel will increase due to the holiday, terminal inspections will be emphasized. Drivers under the age of 66 and under the age of 26 will not be allowed to use the bus. Intercity buses will not be allowed to take off, except at the terminal and permitted places. All buses, drivers and tachographs entering and leaving the terminals will be inspected. Seat belt usage controls in buses will also be emphasized.

In time zones where traffic and fatal and injury accidents are intense, drivers will be invited out of the vehicle and informed.

In regions where agricultural activity is intense, agricultural agricultural vehicles, tractors, combines, etc. on the road. Vehicles will not be allowed to navigate inappropriately.

Helmet Inspections Will Be Emphasized

Our Ministry will tighten helmet inspections due to the increased use of motorcycles in traffic, especially as businesses such as cargo, restaurants and markets start to serve their customers through couriers due to the coronavirus epidemic. A circular containing new measures to be taken in this context was sent to the provinces.

Motorcycle Accidents To Be Investigated

According to the circular, the first six-month period of 2021 will be compared with the same period of 2020, and areas where motorcycle/motor bike accidents are intense will be determined. Types of accidents, zammoments and driver flaws etc. analyzes will be made based on the information; Visibility of mobile/motorized traffic teams/teams will be increased by increasing field dominance through effective, continuous and intensive inspections.

If it is determined that motorcycles/motor bikes that are unregistered, without license plate, without a driver's license or with insufficient driver's license, belonging to another non-standard vehicle or with fake license plates, scrapped or withdrawn from traffic, are used on the road, necessary sanctions will be applied in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation.

Awareness of Motorcycle Use in Traffic Will Be Raised

Projects and campaigns will be focused on information and awareness activities in the provinces to ensure that motorcycles/motorized bicycles take place in traffic in accordance with traffic rules and to increase the attention of other vehicle drivers to the right of way and driving safety of motorcycles.

Since wearing a helmet reduces the risk of death/serious injury when using motorcycles/motor bikes, controls on "helmet use" will be increased.

It is unregistered by the traffic law enforcement, the visibility of the registration plate is bad, the light equipment is missing / different, technical changes have been made on it (mirrors were removed, shock absorbers were cut, etc.), exaggerated exhaust, etc. It will be sensitive to motorcycles/motor bikes that have deficiencies such as If these deficiencies are detected by the general law enforcement personnel and the vehicle is stopped, support will be requested from the traffic personnel.

Necessary actions will be taken against motorcycle/motorized bicycle operators who have a carrying box on them (except for the bags on the side) but are not found to have registered this issue in their registration certificate and computer records.

Attention will be paid to motorcyclists/motorcyclists who use pedestrian areas, including pedestrian paths (sidewalks) and crosswalks, or pass between stationary/stopping vehicles.

Considering the mobility of motorcycle / motorized bicycle type vehicles, inspections will be carried out with civilian teams and personnel in addition to routine / customary application places and inspections. Frequent special inspections will be carried out for motorcycles/motor bicycles by traffic teams/teams and/or motorcycle security units. Statistics on motorcycle/motor bike accidents will be regularly shared with the public.

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