Turkey's First Domestic Electric Bus 'Avenue EV' Is Off the Band

Turkey's first domestic electric bus got off the band
Turkey's first domestic electric bus got off the band

Developed in cooperation with TEMSA and ASELSAN, the first XNUMX% domestic electric bus of the Turkish automotive industry, Avenue EV, is getting ready to hit the road. The first deliveries of the vehicles, which are ready for mass production, will be made in the coming days.

Developed in cooperation with TEMSA, the leading brand of the Turkish bus market, and ASELSAN, the leading company of the Turkish defense industry, the XNUMX% domestic electric vehicle Avenue EV is ready for mass production. As part of the agreement signed in the past years, all processes of Avenue EV, the first domestic electric bus of the Turkish automotive industry, equipped with ASELSAN's electric traction systems, were completed and off the band.

The first deliveries of the vehicles to public institutions will take place in the coming days, which is seen as an important move in terms of spreading domestic technology in electrification and reducing Turkey's energy dependency.


Avenue EV, which was designed locally by ASELSAN and developed with an environmental perspective considering global needs, works with electricity, which is a sustainable energy source, instead of fossil fuel. The vehicle, which can reach a full charge in 15 minutes thanks to its short charging feature, can travel 80 kilometers in this way; It can provide 24-hour uninterrupted service with short-term charging at stops. The environmentally friendly bus with zero carbon emissions with its electric traction system zamIt is quiet, comfortable, high-performance and equipped with the latest technology. Normally imported components such as the vehicle's electric motor, traction inverter, main computer and instrument panel were designed and manufactured locally by ASELSAN. In this context, Avenue EV draws attention as the vehicle with the highest domestic rate in the automotive sector in Turkey.


Making a statement on the subject, TEMSA CEO Tolga Kaan Doğancıoğlu said, “As a company that has been making serious investments in electric vehicles, smart vehicles and autonomous vehicles with its Smart Mobility vision for a long time, the transformation created by electric vehicles, which is a sustainable energy source, in the sector is critical for us. . In this sense, we are proud of the point we have reached. Today, we are happy to have the Avenue EV, a high-performance, efficient and environmentally friendly electric bus developed as a component of TEMSA's vision with ASELSAN's technological know-how, ready for mass production. We started our first studies in 2015; In addition, this project, which we see as a historical step for both our country and our industry, is the same. zamAt the same time, it is a big move in terms of support and encouragement for domestic and national technology. As TEMSA, we will continue to have a say in every field of electrification in the upcoming period.”


Emphasizing that they set out with the aim of contributing to the country's economy with products with high added value, ASELSAN Deputy General Manager Dr. İbrahim Bekar said, “As a company that has proven itself in the military field, we have transferred our knowledge and experience in subjects such as command-control, power electronics, engine control and mission computer systems to the electric vehicle sector with this project. We have developed the advanced technology product Avenue EV, which is a hundred percent domestic production that the Turkish automotive industry expects, and befits modern cities. Our biggest goal with this project is to expand domestic and national electrification systems and create an ecosystem in this regard in our country.

It is our top priority to add value to our country, our environment, our business partners and our employees in every field in which we operate. In this sense, we are proud of this successful cooperation with TEMSA, which is one of the most important players in the automotive industry with the same approach as us.”

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