Yıldırım-17 Besta Operation Launched

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu attended the “Assessment Meeting with Provincial Police Directors” held by teleconference at the Turkish National Police Department of Combating Smuggling and Organized Crime Martyr Altuğ Verdi Meeting Hall.

"As of yesterday evening, under the coordination of the Van Gendarmerie Public Security Corps Command, which infiltrated the field with 3.251 personnel, the Yıldırım-17 Besta Operation, which includes our Gendarmerie Special Operation (JÖH), Police Special Operation (PÖH) and our Security Guards, has started. said our Minister, Mr. Soylu wished Allah's convenience to the personnel participating in the operation.

Minister Soylu stated that operations are continuing in order to establish peace, security, brotherhood, unity and solidarity in these lands, to punish terrorist organizations and to expel them from these lands forever. "Each zamwe are with them now. May Allah protect us and not embarrass us either to them or to this nation. All our prayers are for not a single stone to touch their feet. I hope they finish this operation successfully.” used the phrases.

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