8 Suggestions for Mothers on Coronavirus

Covid-19, which makes more and more people sick in the world every day, can lead to different results in each individual. Studies on the effect of the virus on pregnant women and unborn babies continue. Although the coronavirus, which causes anxiety in expectant mothers, is not as severe as the SARS infection, it can increase the risk of premature birth. In scientific studies conducted with pregnant women who have had the infection so far, it is seen that developmental problems do not occur in babies. Stating that the treatment of expectant mothers with Covid-19 should be carried out under the control of a doctor, Assoc.Prof. From the Department of Perinatology and Obstetrics and Gynecology at Memorial Ankara Hospital. Dr. Ertuğrul Karahanoğlu gave information about the effects and prevention methods of Covid-19 in pregnancy.

The effect of Covid-19 virus on pregnancy has been monitored with concern since the day it first appeared. The reason for this is that the previous SARS infection was very severe during pregnancy and had fatal consequences. According to the first data obtained at the end of April, it was found that the Covid-19 virus was not very severe in pregnant women as in SARS infection, while it was found that these pregnant women had this disease a little more severely than non-pregnant individuals of the same age and characteristics.

May increase the risk of preterm birth

How the pregnancy will progress in the period after the disease has passed is also among the questions. While the results of the related studies are published after September, it is determined that the Covid-19 infection increases the risk of preterm birth. It was determined that 17 percent of expectant mothers caught coronavirus, and 5 percent of pregnant women who did not have it had premature birth. However, it is also among the results revealed that children born are more in need of intensive care.

Very low risk of transmission from mother to baby 

Although there are no data on the postnatal development of the children of mothers who have had this infection in the studies published so far, zamThese data are expected to emerge soon. However, while no developmental problems are detected in babies in ultrasonographic evaluations of pregnant women who have had the infection, it is seen that the rate of transmission of Covid-19 from mother to baby is very low.

Medicines should be used with doctor's recommendation.

The effects of drugs used in the treatment of Covid-19 infection on the unborn baby worry expectant mothers. Some of the drugs used in the treatment are drugs that have been used on pregnant women before and mostly have no permanent negative effects. However, it is about the effect of some drugs that have just started to be used in the treatment of Covid -19. zamAlthough the results will begin to be obtained in a short time, it is reported that no adverse effects have been detected according to the few studies on this subject. In any case, it should not be forgotten that these drugs should be used under the recommendation of the doctor.

Pregnant women should take necessary precautions to protect from Covid-19

Vaccination studies conducted during the Covid-19 pandemic process are progressing rapidly. Until the vaccines are ready and the society is vaccinated, the precautions that should be taken by pregnant women to prevent infection are as follows:

  1. Masks, which are among the most important weapons to protect against infection, should be strictly followed by social distance and hygiene rules.
  2. It should be avoided from crowded places and should not go out unless needed.
  3. Due to the acceleration of the mother's metabolism and the increase in needs during pregnancy, the defense system is supported with a healthy and balanced diet.
  4. Fresh vegetables and fruits should be consumed daily, and care should be taken to eat fish twice a week.
  5. You should be physically active, walks and light exercises should not be neglected.
  6. Random intake of supplements and vitamins should be avoided, with the idea that it will strengthen immunity.
  7. Attention should be paid to the duration and quality of sleep.
  8. Doctor controls should not be interrupted.

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