TÜSAD: “Losses from Pneumonia Due to Pandemic May Increase by 75 Percent

Assoc. Dr. Berna Kömürcüoğlu stated that deaths due to pneumonia could increase by 75 percent if no vaccine or effective treatment could be found.

Respiratory Society TÜSAD Infection Working Group President Assoc. Dr. Berna Kömürcüoğlu stated that if no vaccine or an effective treatment can be found, there could be an increase of 75 percent in deaths due to pneumonia. Kömürcü stated that we are facing a more serious and deadly viral pneumonia epidemic than in previous years. “In addition to the importance of masks, social distance and hand hygiene, we should avoid being in crowded indoor environments,” he said.

Pneumonia; Popularly known as “pneumonia”, it is known as the single biggest cause of infection-related deaths all over the world. It can often occur due to bacterial, viral or, more rarely, fungal infections. Turkey Respiratory Research Association (TUSIAD), pneumonia pandemic in the process, noting that the disease is much more dangerous, November 12, 2020 "World Pneumonia Day" was found in the important warning.


TÜSAD Infection Working Group President Assoc. Dr. Berna Kömürcüoğlu said, "It is on our agenda as never before with the serious increase in pneumonia and deaths due to the COVID-19 epidemic that swept the world," and made the following statements: "In 2019, approximately 2,5 million people (672.000 children) are due to pneumonia. He died for reasons. Since December 2019, 1.273.714 people worldwide have been reported to have died due to COVID-19 infection. Without a more effective treatment or vaccine, COVID-19 deaths are thought to add 1.9 million per year to this number. This corresponds to a 75 percent increase in deaths due to pneumonia compared to previous years, indicating that we are facing a very serious and fatal problem.


Kömürcoğlu also pointed out the measures that should be taken halfway through the "mask, social distance, hand washing" precautions from COVID-19 infection and "Shortening the diagnostic process with rapid diagnosis methods, providing effective treatment and isolation and providing oxygen support to the necessary patients are vital during the epidemic process. is important, ”he said.

Risk groups in other non-COVID-19 pneumonia; Reminding that the frequency and mortality are found to be high in children under 5 years of age (especially under 2 years of age) and 65 years and above, people with comorbid diseases and routine pneumococcal vaccination is recommended, Kömürcüoğlu said: “In adults; People are more susceptible to pneumonia if there are chronic lung disease, heart disease, other chronic diseases, removal of the spleen, conditions that weaken the immune system. The incidence of pneumonia and deaths due to pneumonia decrease when vaccination is made and immunity is established. Again, in the group above 65 years of age and those with additional diseases, the flu vaccination against seasonal influenza factors is important for both the mildness of the flu infection and the prevention of secondary bacterial / viral infections.


Kömürcüoğlu said, “This year, we are facing a more serious and deadly viral pneumonia epidemic than previous years on World Pneumonia Day,” continued his words as follows: “The importance of masks, social distance, hand hygiene, especially avoiding crowded indoor environments and COVID -19 It is very important that they actively protect themselves from infection. Vaccination still remains important; Pneumococcal and seasonal influenza vaccination should be done against other pneumonia factors, especially in children and risky groups. Vaccination will reduce the frequency of pneumonia and deaths due to these factors, as well as prevent clinical pictures that may be confused with COVID-19 infection and low resistance due to infection.

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