Toyota's Spacecraft Named 'LUNAR CRUISER'

Toyota's Spacecraft Named 'LUNAR CRUISER'
Toyota's Spacecraft Named 'LUNAR CRUISER'

The spacecraft developed by Toyota with the Japanese Space Research Agency (JAXA) was named "LUNAR CRUISER". This space probe developed will travel in space using Toyota's hydrogen fuel cell technology.

LUNAR CRUISER, a name that will be easily remembered by people, refers to Toyota's Land Cruiser model, which is famous for its quality, durability, reliability and unbeatable character in all conditions. Inspired by the Land Cruiser, the LUNAR CRUISER is developed to provide trouble-free exploration in the harsh environment of the Moon's surface.

The spacecraft, developed by the joint venture of Toyota and JAXA and planned to be ready to go to the moon in 2029, is expected to be introduced in the mid-2020s. In addition, studies for the production of each technological part and prototype moon vehicle will also be carried out this year. Among these studies, full-scale models are used for the use of simulations, heat dissipation performance while driving, evaluation of prototype tires, use of virtual reality and the layout of the equipment in the LUNAR CRUISER's cabin.

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