Signatures Signed for Health Village Feasibility

A contract was signed for the Mersin Health Village Feasibility Study, financed by the Çukurova Development Agency (ÇKA). In the meeting held before the signing ceremony, a work schedule was determined and a road map was drawn.

Studies continue for the 'Health Village Project' prepared by Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MTSO) and financed by ÇKA. As a result of the evaluation made among the 9 proposals submitted in total, the company that will carry out the feasibility study was determined and a contract was signed to start the study. Project Manager and MTSO Board Member Yasemin Taş explained the expectations at the meeting held before the contract signing ceremony. Stating that they attach great importance especially to 3rd age tourism and want to focus on niche issues that will attract domestic and foreign investors to the region, Taş said that they expect the feasibility to be prepared in this direction. Drawing attention to the fact that they attach importance to the creation of a structure that will feed health human resources while providing health services on the one hand, Taş said, “There are serious gaps in the sector, especially regarding intermediate staff. For example, it is difficult to find qualified elderly care workers. One of our goals will be branding in education in this field, ”he said. Emphasizing the importance of correct feasibility in order to attract strong investors to the region, Taş said that the areas needed in the market share of the world in this area should be determined correctly.

Within the framework of the schedule planned to be completed by 15 March 2021, it is planned to organize two workshops, including all private sector, NGOs and public institutions. The studies will end with the presentation of a feasibility report that will determine the basic requirements such as the infrastructure and superstructure content, service types, investment location and size, depending on these, investment, operation and financing model for the establishment and operation of Mersin Health Village and will be prepared in detail by the experts. With this study, it is aimed to reveal Mersin health tourism potential.

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