PUBGM Tournament Ended


PUBG Mobile DUO tournament, organized by Istanbul Rumeli University and in which 4 teams competed fiercely for 320 weeks, ended with the grand final held the other day. The Black Storm team, which won 91 points in the tournament, received a D&R gift certificate worth $ 4.000. The final tournament, which was broadcast live on Twitch, was colored by Berk Atayman's narration and Onur Tatar's comments.

Organizing the tournament, Dr. Lecturer Member Dudu Banu Çakar said after the final; “We saw that many offline tournaments were canceled during the pandemic. Among them are giant organizations such as the Olympics and Champions League. In addition, most sports organizations such as the 15 Madrid Tennis tournament with 300 million viewers and 2020 thousand Euros were held in virtual environment. Istanbul Rumeli University Sports Sciences Faculty, one of the leading universities of our country in e-sports, held the PUBG Mobile DUO tournament. 4 teams and 703 players registered in the tournament, which lasted 1406 weeks. In the struggle that lasted for weeks, 320 teams and 640 players competed in the tournament. These figures showed us how much young people are interested in E-sports.

Sports representative of İRU Projects and R&D office Dr. Lecturer Dudu Banu Çakar, member of the university's

He summarized the esports goals as follows. “For us, the game is not the only thing that stands out in the PUBG Mobile DUO tournament. The importance of digital game technology is that it includes many financial tools from health to sports, from media management to reproducible revenue models. In health and sports technologies operations, which are expected to turn into a sector of 2025 billion dollars by 118,6, we aim to support our students in the human resources needs of the sector, analyze consumer behavior and turn the requirements of the sector into opportunities. We aim to have many young entrepreneurs from our university thanks to our Neurosport and consumer behavior, wearable product research such as VR / AR, sports tournaments with robots, and autonomous races based on mind control method.

Black Storm Blows in the Tournament!

During this challenging tournament process, the Black Storm team, which came to the fore with its tactics and won the grand prize, came in first with 91 points. The second place in the tournament was the Karagözlüler team with 86 points, and the Eight Voice team was the third with 76 points. - Hibya

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