İŞBİR Bed: Grew 20 Percent


İŞBİR YATAK “GROWED BY 20 PERCENT, 50 PERCENT UNTIL THE TARGET YEAR END” World mattress production and consumption continues to increase in the last 10 years. According to the data announced, approximately 230 million beds are produced worldwide each year. The data reveal that the value of the produced beds has increased by 2009 percent since 58. Between 2020 and 2023, these rates are expected to increase by about 3 percent. Same zamAt the moment, the figures show that sponge mattresses also have a significant share in the world market. Experts on the subject state that, looking at the development of the mattress industry over the years, the foam mattress market has reached 45 percent. In this context, İşbir Bedding increased its production capacity by 50 percent and reached 20 percent growth in turnover. In the last quarter of the year, the goal is to increase this rate to 50 percent.

While latex mattresses have lost their share in most countries over the years, the use of foam mattresses has dominated the market in Germany, France, Brazil and Italy. In Russia, which is an important market for Turkey compared to the spring and latex mattresses use foam mattresses use is increasing.


Noting that the increase in the use of sponge mattresses is a very important development, İşbir Holding CEO Metin Gültepe said, “In the Central European countries, the production of foam mattresses is around 75 percent. We observe that the use of mattresses with foam layers has increased in parallel with the development of e-commerce in Western European countries, where the use of pocket spring mattresses is intensive.

When we look at Turkey up more than 15 percent of the total foam bed mattress production. This rate continues to increase steadily in our country, especially in recent years. We also carry out studies and innovations to increase the production of viscoelastic sponge mattresses, which are becoming the trend of the world, as well as domestically. In this context, we increased our daily production capacity by 50 percent, especially during the pandemic period. We reached a growth of 20 percent in terms of turnover, our goal is to reach this rate to 50 percent by the end of the year. This of course can not just consider the Turkey market. Are important destinations Germany, France, Italy and Russia are among our target countries for export takes place. In addition, we have a new machine park investment that we have made in terms of innovation. Thanks to the ViscoStar Aqua Fixing Technology, which is a part of this investment, we are both ecologically friendly and increasing the quality and comfort of our ViscoStar group mattresses with viscoelastic sponge material.

Same zamWe are going through a very sensitive period about hygiene. In this context, we have another technology that we have developed. More recently we have developed in our R & D centers in Turkey and the world as well as being a first in the mattress industry 'Safe Sleep Tunnel (SST) Hygiene Tunnel'technology has been implemented. Thanks to this tunnel technology, our beds become more hygienic with UVC rays and are packed completely untouched by human hands. Successful results have been obtained from independent laboratories regarding the efficiency of this technology. " he spoke.


Research conducted in recent years reveals that the 'one size fits all' approach in the mattress industry has begun to decline. Consumers started to demand a wide range of products when purchasing beds. Users seeking durability, quality and compatibility with the body beyond the price, the same zamNow, it also shows an increasing interest in the certification and ecological sustainability of the product.

Gultepe; “As the researches become widespread, both the support for the immune system and its positive effects on physiological and mental activities increase the importance of sleep in our lives every day. In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in quality mattresses, sleep products and bed accessories for a healthy sleep. The search for quality sleep and the increase in awareness also brings the manufacturers with the necessary certificates to the forefront.

Likewise, e-commerce, which is developing in the mattress industry, is also changing the large global mattress market in this context. End zamIn these moments, consumers demand that large items such as beds can be purchased online and be delivered to their addresses. This directly affects the demand for the foam mattress. " He spoke in the form. - Hibya

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