Coronavirus Distance of Teams Increased

Gölbaşı Mayor Ramazan Şimşek, who stated that they increased all the measures and measures after the statement of Health Minister Fahrettin Koca about Ankara, carried out inspections of tradesmen.

Gölbaşı Mayor Ramazan Şimşek, who supervised the district tradesmen within the scope of Covid-19 measures, was accompanied by Gölbaşı Governor Tülay Baydar Bilgihan, District Gendarmerie Commander İnan Demir, District Police Director Yılmaz Doğan, District Agriculture and Forestry Director Yavuz Ekici, Police Director Kurtuluş Çiftci. The delegation, which inspected the district tradesmen, made warnings by stating the measures to be taken against the Covid-19 outbreak. Drawing attention to Ankara's recent coronavirus picture, President Ramazan Şimşek said: “We have once again witnessed the importance of health for us and our loved ones during the period we are in. Based on the data announced by our Minister of Health, Mr. Fahrettin Koca, I think that the increasing number of cases in Ankara requires us to review some of our decisions.As Golbasi Municipality, our citizens such as mosques, stops, family health centers, cafes, barbers and hairdressers are intense. We continue our cleaning and disinfection works in the areas they use without interruption. With many more measures we take, we act with a health-oriented municipal approach. Remember that life fits into the house. Let's follow the social distance rules for the health of your family, yourself and your loved ones. Let's not go out unless we have to, and when we do, let's not take off our masks. "

They work 7/24

Expressing that the municipal teams worked with great sacrifice and devotion throughout the process, Ramazan Şimşek said, “Our cleaning works continue in our apartments. While focusing on our apartments with coronavirus, the places where citizens can contact are also sprayed. Our intensive teams work 7/24. I thank all our teams from here ”. - Hibya

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