Chose National Lottery Communication Agency


National Lottery has chosen the communication agency for 10 years to bring luck authorized sisal chance to give his approval to the Directorate General of monitoring and Turkey Fund Assets to be subject to supervision and services related to the game rather than work arrangements. All communication activities of Sisal Şans contactplus He will manage Communication Services.

access network across Turkey, games of chance to the players with the innovations it will bring a hand to the sector with experience and technical infrastructure in the field of entertaining games of chance, which aims to contribute to the world from the other side while Turkey's economy Sisal Chance communication activities Contactplus will manage the Communication Services. Contactplus Communication Services will be responsible for the establishment and planning of Sisal Şans's communication strategy.

Contactplus; continues to offer strategic solutions to its customers in many different fields such as technology, food, tourism and e-commerce.. - Hibya

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