First Virtual Marathon: Vodafone Istanbul Half Marathon


Vodafone Istanbul Half Marathon, which is the main sponsor of Adidas, will be held on Sunday, September 20, 2020, with 2.500 Half Marathon / 21K runners, accompanied by the unique view of the Historic Peninsula. In the half marathon where a large number of runners will participate physically, adidas ensures that everyone is included in the excitement from where they are this year with its digital infrastructure.

Two options are offered for those who want to take part in the Vodafone Istanbul Half Marathon track. Historic Peninsula trails in hudutlu or as one of Turkey's first virtual number in 21K Half Marathon runners from where the individual with the opportunity to choose his own course language is given the opportunity to run alone. Participants in the virtual half marathon are given the alternative of two days, it is possible to run the race on either September 19 or 20.

Affiliates to take part in this digital race, He logs in to his address and becomes a member. Whichever running category they want to enroll in (21K or 10K), they mark that category and complete their registration by ticking one of the two options in the price payment section. You can choose the adidas Virtual Half Marathon Tshirt + Digital Medal and Certificate + Running option for 30 TL, or the Digital Medal and Certificate + Running option for 15 TL. After completing the registration, each participant is given a special running code. With this running code, they can only log in to the SWEATers application, which they can use on the running day, and start their run.

After the run is over, the participants send their data to Spor Istanbul data by clicking the "Share with Spor Istanbul" button on the application. Spor Istanbul makes a rating based on these data. The sponsors will have surprise gifts for anyone who completes the First Virtual Half Marathon, with no winners or losers. - Hibya

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