Zorlu Holding: Online Internship Program


Zorlu Holding carried out its internship program online this year, which it offers to prepare young people for the business world. With the internship program organized with the participation of experts in their fields throughout August; from work experience to personal development, from webinars on various subjects to e-trainings, from project studies to digital meetings with managers.

Despite the pandemic, Zorlu Holding did not interrupt the internship program, which is of critical importance for young people. This year's online internship program has gone beyond a standard internship program with its scope and rich content. In addition to work experience, the program offers training and webinar opportunities from experts in the field; Young people during the month of August; He gained experience in many areas from work experience to personal development, from e-training in various subjects to project studies.

During the program, which was carried out on Zorlu Holding's training platform Zorlu Academy, each intern had the opportunity to work with an internship coach. The internship coaches communicated with the interns they matched throughout the entire internship process and provided the guidance they needed. The trainees, who had a work experience created in a completely digital environment, were able to attend online meetings with the relevant teams while meeting with the manager of the department where they were intern within a certain schedule. The young people, who also prepared an internship project within the framework of the program, shared their project presentations in digital media at the end of the program. In the online internship program that lasts for a month; 8 webinars, 4 digital manager meetings, 9 personal development trainings and 7 Zorlu Academy trainings were held.

Zorlu Holding Human Resources Director Zülal Kaya: "We offered young people not only an internship program, but a digital work experience opportunity where they can find the keys to the new world and the new generation economy."

Expressing that the online internship program is a unique experience for young people, Zorlu Holding Human Resources Director Zülal Kaya; “While the conditions we are going through are challenging us all zamIt also encourages us to be more innovative. As Zorlu Holding, we launched an online internship program for young people during this period, and offered them an opportunity to improve themselves with a unique experience. Our program will increase the awareness of young people beyond a standard internship program; We offered them content that would give them the codes of the new world and the new generation economy. Nearly 60 percent of our internship program, which lasted for a month, consisted of training and webinars. Here, we brought together dozens of valuable names from Vestel Ventures Board Member and TTGV Board Chairman Cengiz Ultav, one of the pioneers in the field of gender equality, Ebru Nihan Celkan, academician and social entrepreneur Itır Erhart, social innovation platform imece Director Mustafa Özer. We organized personal development trainings such as effective presentation techniques and the use of emotional intelligence in communication. We brought our young people together with our senior executives at digital executive meetings. By meeting with Human Resources managers, we ensured that young people learned about recruitment processes such as CV preparation interview techniques. We held webinars on many topics from sustainability to in-house entrepreneurship, from gender equality to in-house volunteering, from open innovation to social innovation. Throughout our program, we also provided a very serious digital content support, including inspiring TEDx videos. I can say that the online internship program, in which we receive very positive feedback from the participating students, is a very different and productive experience for us." said.

Students are even more hopeful for the future with Smart Life 2030!

Students participating in the program expressed that they were very happy to do internships at Zorlu Holding and that they have already started to apply what they learned during the program in their daily lives. Stating that they benefit greatly from listening to Zorlu Holding's experienced managers and experts in their fields, Students expressed that they are also pleased with the sincere approach and open communication of Zorlu Holding employees. The students expressed that they were very pleased with the one-to-one communication of the internship coaches who helped them despite being online, and that the work experience with the internship coach was very productive. Stating that the webinar content on different subjects they participated in was stimulating, the students stated that their awareness increased on topics such as sustainability, gender equality and social innovation. Thanks to the experience-oriented approach of the online internship program, students; He said that both his awareness of the business environment and his posts in manager meetings helped them determine the field they would choose on their career path. Stating that they started to look to the future with more hope within the framework of sustainability with the insight and vision they gained from Zorlu Holding's Smart Life 2030 vision, the youth emphasized that Smart Life 2030 should reach a much wider audience. - Hibya News Agency

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