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The new term of the Second Spring Academy, which has been organized under the roof of Boğaziçi University Lifelong Education Center (BÜYEM) since 2013, begins on October 5, 2020. Covidien-19 will be held online for the first time in this period due to the pandemic-specific programs, it will only be open to participation from all concerned in Turkey and abroad, not in Istanbul. Prepared by Boğaziçi University academicians, the Second Spring Academy aims to reach all high school and above graduates above the age of 40 who aim to be equipped with new and up-to-date information in today's world of rapid change.

Among the training modules of the Second Spring Academy to be opened in Fall 2020, "Science in Our Life 1" (5 October - 23 November), "Psychology 1: Fundamentals of Human Behavior and Relationship" (6 October - 24 November), "Introduction to the History of Religions: From the Beginning The Middle East and the Mediterranean World in the Roman Period ”(October 7 - November 25)," Cinema, Mirror of Our Life: The Power of the Story "(October 8 - December 3)," Continuity in Health: The Importance of Awareness, Routines and Behaviors "(October 8 - December 3) and There will be modules titled “A Section of Contemporary Art: Performance and Video Arts” (October 9 - November 27).

In the program to be made online via "Zoom", each module will last 8 weeks and will consist of a total of 10 hours, once a week between 00:13 and 00:14 and / or between 00:17 and 00:24.

The courses at the Second Spring Academy, which is a program open to all high school and above graduates over the age of 40, are given by Boğaziçi University faculty members and visiting experts. In this context, the instructors of the Science in Our Lives Module, Prof. Dr. Alpar Sevgen, Prof. Dr. Esra Battaloğlu, Prof. Dr. Rana Sanyal, Prof. Dr. Selim Küsefoğlu, Prof. Dr. Betül Tanbay, Prof. Dr. Burak Güçlü and Prof. Dr. It consists of Mustafa Aktar.

Sakine Çil, Elif Dastarlı and Derya Yücel are among the names who will teach in the module "A Section of Contemporary Art: Performance and Video Arts".

Prof. Dr. Ayşecan Boduroğlu, Dr. Lecturer Elif Aysimi Duman, Dr. Lecturer Güneş Ünal, Dr. Lecturer Nur Soylu, Dr. Lecturer Gaye Soley and Dr. Lecturer İnci Ayhan.

In the module of the program titled History of Religions, Assoc. Dr. Koray Durak, Assoc. Dr. Elif Ünlü and Dr. Lecturer Mehmet Inan will give the Cinema module while Türkan Pilavcı will take part. 

Bosphorus academicians signed the training program

Within the scope of Boğaziçi University's 150th anniversary activities, the programs and modules within the scope of the Second Spring Academy, a series of trainings that were initiated in the 2013-2014 academic year within BÜYEM, aiming to address the middle and older age group, are prepared by Boğaziçi University academicians. Programs; For the participants who took part in academic and professional life; To catch this change and to understand the past, present and future in today's world where rapid and radical changes are experienced; It aims to offer a unique opportunity to capture a new experience, vision and intellectual depth.

More than 4000 certificates awarded

Since 2013, the Second Spring Academy has achieved more than 4.000 certificates with modules organized in different disciplines from Social Sciences to Fine Arts and Literature, from History and Archeology to the Contemporary World.

Participants in a module in the program receive Boğaziçi University Module Participation Certificate, while participants who successfully complete 4 modules from a program, Boğaziçi University Second Spring Academy Program (related training program) Certificate, and those who successfully complete any 4 modules are entitled to receive Boğaziçi University Second Spring Academy Certificate.

In the program, where the cost of a module is 2.250 TL (including VAT) for new participants, a 20% discount is offered to former participants and Boğaziçi University graduates. In addition, those who buy two modules in the same period are entitled to a 50% discount in the second module.

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