Where is Çambaşı Plateau in Ordu Province and How to Go?

Çambaşı Plateau has the feature of being one of the widest and biggest springs of our country. Ordu-Çambaşı Plateau: It is 58 km. Ordu-Çambaşı Ski Center: 54 km. The road is open 12 months a year and there is no transportation problem.

Çambaşı Plateau

It is one of the most important plateaus of the Black Sea Region. It has natural beauty and features unavailable for tourism both in summer and winter. 1,850 m above sea level. The high plateau is accessible by the asphalt road that forms the Ordu - Kabadüz - Çambaşı route. There are two modern hotels and restaurants. Bazaar, market,
There are picnic places and restaurants. It is magnificent with its natural beauty. It is possible to do all nature sports professionally in this region. A large part of the population in the coastal area goes to this plateau in summer. 61 km of our city. There are a few trout farms in this plateau to the south. It is one of the largest plateaus of our country with its 72 obas and 100 thousand decare area.

There are regular minibus services between the city and the plateau. Electricity and telephone are available in the plateau. There is a grocery store, butcher, meat restaurants, health center and Gendarmerie station.

Crunch Ski Resort

Çambaşı Ski Center construction works were started in 2010 within the borders of Kabadüz district. The administration and the service building, cafeteria and social facilities were put into service in 2017.

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