Masks Made of Neck Collar and Bandana Fabric Throw Danger

TÜDEF: “We call on the Ministry of Health and TSE. All masks in the market are tested for safety and the results are announced to our public as a public spot.

TÜDEF: “Masks made of neck collar and bandana fabric spread the virus further. Not every mask-like product on the market is safe "

TÜDEF: "The worst thing is to carry the mask under the chin, we take the virus that accumulates there into the mouth and nose"

TÜDEF: “The consumer says that round and short rubber masks hurt the ears”.

Sinan Vargı, Vice President of the Consumer Associations Federation, whose short name is TÜDEF, and President of the Food and Health Commission; We have serious concerns about the safety of the masks sold in the market ”and made the following statement.

“. It is sold in masks that are not as safe as safe masks. The safest mask, medical surgical masks are very low in virus permeability, but there are masks produced with various dyed logos on polyester fabric in the market in our country. We breathe these dyes all day long. The paints used in dyed and washable masks made of microfiber fabric for children and how safe these masks are. Some materials, produced as a neck tie, bandana but also used as a corona mask these days, cause the corona virus to be carried much further by splitting the saliva. While cotton and polyester blended masks are a bit safer, not every cotton mask is safe compared to its weave. In a simple test conducted at Duke University in the USA under laser light and testing the materials used in various masks and masks, very interesting results were obtained. If the permeability of medical surgical masks is 0,1, the permeability of some cotton mask types is three times that, that is, up to 0.3. Again, we see that many people in the market wear products made of thinner fabrics such as bandanas and neck collars as masks. Their permeability rate is 1. In other words, it has been explained that they do not have a protective rate and cause the virus to be transported much further by dividing the particles coming out of the mouth. These kinds of masks too zamWe think that the permeability will increase immediately, and a second medical mask must be worn inside them. There are also rumors among our people that after wearing a mask, an extinguishing test is carried out by blowing lighter fire, if the fire goes out, there are rumors that the mask is not safe, or there are opinions saying that it is not safe if it is permeating water ”.

TÜDEF Deputy Chairman Sinan Vargı said, “There are TSE approved masks in the market, but there are products that have not passed any safety test without this approval. While each layer of the three-layer mask should be made of separate fabric, we see that some of the market people do not produce in accordance with these standards. The most important issue in preventing the spread of the corona virus is the filtering rate of the masks, air permeability and the necessary safety criteria on how to prevent the virus load should be tested. In addition, a QR code application on masks must be brought in terms of tracking. Our consumers complain that their round and short rubber masks cause injuries by irritating the back of the ear. They state that wide-width and long rubber masks are more comfortable ”.

Vargı said, “We call on the Ministry of Health and the Turkish Standards Institute. Whatever material is used as a mask in the market, cotton, polyester, dyed and washable, all of them should be tested by taking samples and the results of this test should be shared with our people as educational public spot films. It is really difficult to beat the corona epidemic with some masks sold in the market. "He said in the form.

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