Vehicle Coating Prices and Special Car Coatings

The process of covering the body sheet with foil completely without painting on the bodywork, especially if the car coating is not satisfied with the paint color, appearance and design or in line with special requests, is called Vehicle Coating. The wonder is vehicle wrapping prices… Of course, these prices vary according to the ways and types of not grabbing.

Car coatingIt is a bit more economical in terms of price than the body paint process. This professionally applied automobile coating process depends on the quality of the product used and the workmanship. The process, which takes about 1 day, will bring a completely different look to your car.

Are Parts Dismantled While Car Coating?

Many plastic and metal parts on the vehicle are removed before the car coating process. After the coating is finished, these parts are installed again. These parts are usually: headlights, moldings, antenna, door handles, mirrors.

What is Car Coating Material?

PVC-based materials in various types and thicknesses, resistant to heat and environmental conditions, are single-sided adhesive and these materials are used for car coating.

What Are The Types Of Foil Covering?

Car coatings such as matte, shiny, metallic, chameleon, patterned, chrome and velvet are used.

Vehicle Coating Prices

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