Rail Grinding Work Started for Safety and Comfort in ANKARAY

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to work 7/24 to provide more comfortable transportation to the citizens of the Capital. The Department of Transportation Planning and Rail System, affiliated to the General Directorate of EGO, started a grinding work on the 17-kilometer rail in the line and warehouse areas within the ANKARAY Enterprise.

Metropolitan Municipality continues its human-oriented works without interruption. Grinding work was initiated on the ANKARAY line in order to provide more comfortable and safe transportation to the people of the capital.


Grinding work was initiated by the Transportation Planning and Rail Systems Department teams affiliated to the EGO General Directorate on the rails of a total of 17 kilometers in the line and warehouse areas within the ANKARAY enterprise.

The studies are carried out between 02:00 and 06:00 after the trains have completed their last trip so that citizens are not victims.


As a result of the work started in July, the work on 17 kilometers of the 9-kilometer line was completed. Within the scope of the grinding works aimed to be completed within 90 days; Providing a more comfortable transportation by reducing the noise inside and outside the train, providing a safer transportation by removing the capillary cracks and crushes on the rails, extending the life of the rails, reducing the train maintenance costs, extending the life of the train wheels regularly changed every year and reducing the cost of the vehicles. It is aimed to save on the energy it consumes.

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