EU Has the Power to Recall Cars and Penalize Manufacturers


The EU Has the Authority to Recall Cars and Punish Manufacturers: The EU Commission announced that the new rules for the approval of motor vehicles in member countries and for monitoring the market, prepared after the emission scandal, have come into force as of today.

Accordingly, before a new car is launched, it will be independently tested for performance and quality. During the said approval process, the decisions of national authorities can be reconsidered.

The EU Commission will be able to independently check the vehicles' compliance with the rules. The Commission will be able to recall EU-wide vehicles if producers violate regulations.

The EU Commission will be able to fine manufacturers who do not comply with the rules, up to 30 euros for each car.

With the new regulation, the new automobile approval and market surveillance system applied in the past in the EU has changed significantly. In accordance with the EU regulations that were previously in effect, it was the responsibility of the relevant countries to supervise the compliance of vehicle manufacturers with the rules.

With the new rules, if a scandal occurs in the automotive industry again, the EU will be able to fine the manufacturers billions of euros.


The US Environmental Protection Agency announced in September 2015 that Volkswagen had manipulated emissions tests and that the company's diesel vehicles polluted the environment above normal levels.

Accepting the use of misleading software in the emission tests of approximately 11 million diesel-powered vehicles worldwide, Volkswagen had occupied the agenda for a long time with the diesel emission scandal, paid high fines to the US and German authorities and had to recall millions of its vehicles. - News7

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