Transparent Mask for the Hearing Impaired from Izmir Metropolitan Municipality

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality started to produce transparent masks for hearing impaired individuals who read lips during the coronavirus period. Transparent masks that make lip reading easier will be available from four points in Izmir. Those who want to provide transparent masks can contact İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Konak Disabled Service Unit, Karşıyaka Deaf Association, Bornova Sessizler Sports Club Association and Bagged Hearing Impaired Youth and Sports Club Association.

Saying that the pandemic has turned into a much more troublesome process for the disabled clusters, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Disability Services Branch Manager Mahmut Akkın said, “The obligation to use masks causes hearing-impaired individuals to have trouble while establishing connections. In order to eliminate this situation, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality started to produce transparent masks. "The use of this mask by all individuals, especially public employees, who provide services to both the hearing impaired and the hearing impaired will reduce the effort of connection and create awareness."

5 and a half million masks produced

On the other hand, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has produced and distributed 5 and a half million masks so far. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Vocational Factory Branch Manager Zeki Kapı said that production continues in the Vocational Factory of the Metropolitan Municipality and said, “The pandemic was announced in our country on March 17. As the metropolitan municipality, we started the production of masks on 21 March. Our daily mask production capacity was 2 thousand. We delivered these masks to Family Health Centers and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality staff working in the field. Our daily production increased gradually and we started to produce 100 thousand masks per day. We delivered the masks to our fellow countrymen in Izmir via masks. We strive to meet the demands and requirements of our units, non-governmental organizations and associations in Izmir. As of today, we have reached the production of 5 and a half million masks. Now, we have started to produce masks suitable for lip reading for hearing impaired individuals. "We will continue to increase our production capacity and diversify our production in line with the demands in the upcoming period."

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